Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hair Powder Will Change Your Life

For some reason, I just recently discovered this said, hair powder. I have a serious problem where I strive on collecting make-up and hair products. I generally have no real reason why I have a million eye shadows, 5 tubes of mascara, and 6 cans of hairspray, but everyone has a collection of some sort, right? If some oddballs can collect toenail clippings, or drink their own pee, I can collect all the cosmetics I want.
Anyway, my sister had posted about this volumizing hair powder on the ol' Facebook, and I was intrigued. I pictured myself dumping baby powder in my hair and walking around looking...ashy. How did this work? So we were getting ready for my parents Halloween party and I got to use some of hers. Basically, you tap a few sprinkles underneath sections of your hair, and tease. Tease that weave, girlfriends, and tease it good because this stuff will change your life.
Disregarding the fact that I look like an 80's vampire, I was supposed to be just a vampire, but either way, this was the final result of the wonder powder:
Now, mind you, I did use finishing spray once I was done, but the powder did the essential "poofing".  Now, the product that was used in the picture was Ulta brand powder, which costs about $9.00. I LOVE Ulta, and can spend hours and hours picking the shelves apart to find the best products and deals, but I will honestly say that their products, for the most part, are not very good, and are way too overpriced. From experience, their shampoos leave your hair greasy feeling, and their mascara makes my eyes itch (see my previous post on this one). On the other hand, you can get their nail polish and body sprays for an affordable price, and that's about all I would recommend.
To better understand what my hair looks like normally:

It's flat, and lifeless. I can tease and tease and that is usually the result. My skin is not Simpsons yellow either, not sure what's going on with the contrast in this picture. 
The very next day, I took a trip to the nearest Ulta and purchased the less expensive, Got2b brand powder. I live by Got2b products. It's about $6.00 and works, in my opinion, better than the Ulta brand. I used it before work the following Monday and BAM, my hair was practically kicking you in the face. It wasn't as huge as my Halloween hair though, obviously. I might've gotten some weird looks with that one.
A quick little warning however, do NOT use a lot. It's not meant to use on your entire head, because it will make your hair very unmanageable and you will most likely have to wash it out and start over.
The way I use it, is lift sections of my hair, starting at the top, and sprinkle the powder just above my roots. Tease the section to your liking and then shape with your fingers and brush over to smooth. Use a finishing spray to hold the style. Once the powder is worked in, do not use hot tools on it, or try to brush through it, it will break and damage the hair. It's easy to get the hang of, and hopefully you will not be disappointed.
Have fun:)
As usual, any comments, hate or love, post below.
Disclaimer: I purchase all of these products on my own, and am not paid for my opinions on these products. With the exception of the pictures I personally take, the pictures are simply used for enjoyment and I do not take any rights or own any of the stock photos used.