Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Blogging/YouTube, Randoms, and Angry Video Game Nerd!

So I'm sure a lot of you who take the time to read my blog and watch my videos (thank you for that!), have been wondering why I have been busting out the YouTube videos lately versus blogging.  I understand if people who have known me for a long time are confused by my sudden interest in these things, so I've decided to explain...

So first, again, I want to thank you guys who come visit my blog/watch my videos. You guys are awesome. High five!

Don't get me wrong, I love to blog/write. I love hearing later on that "my blogs made you laugh and you love reading them" because that makes me, ever so happy! I love making people laugh and hearing that a product I suggested works great for them. However, blogging is not easy all the time. I give so much credit to these gals on the web who can update their blog daily because it's not easy! Especially when you have a larger audience. 

I have never really been a big YouTube watcher until the past year or so when I started watching hair tutorials, trying to find some new ways to style my hopeless mane of hair. Along the way, I started watching Nicole Guerriero, who started out making videos on her bedroom floor, with little editing skills/tools, and now, blows YouTube away and is one of the most well known beauty gurus out there. From there, I was introduced to several others, particularly, Gr8veyardgirl (AKA, Bunny), who I consider my best friend YouTube. I've never talked to her personally, but I watch her videos so regularly, that I feel like she's my friend. I sit and drink my tea and watch her videos, and listen to her talk about life and make funny faces. Both of these ladies do not give a flying f-word what you think of them. I loved this about them. These two gals together, have given me a new perspective on not caring about crappy people and their crappy opinions and just being yourself. So I decided I could put my ghostly, pale, face on YouTube too! Vlogging/YouTube, hey, why not? If they can do it, so can I. Of course, I have many other subscriptions which I will link my favorites below, mostly beauty gurus, but those are my top two.

Obviously, my first two videos (or maybe all of them so far?)...Heh, incredibly awkward. I am 110% aware of this. At first, I was setting up the camera on my nightstand in my bedroom (if you couldn't tell). It was weird talking to the wall/lamp/nightstand. Our new Acer computer didn't make a lick of sense to me, (even as a dorky computer geek!), so I was not aware that I could download apps on it, which explains why there is no editing in my first few videos. Eventually, after much frustration and probably a few bottles of wine later, I figured out how to use editing tools on Windows Movie Editor. It's so fun to use! My grandpa was also nice enough to give me a tripod he no longer needed, so now I can use a real tripod (that's right, a REAL one!), and not a stack of DVDs like I was using before.

So, all in all, I am not a make-up artist, nor do I do hair. I LOVE both of these things, and can DO hair, but professionally, I do neither of these. I don't want anyone to think that suddenly, I think I am some professional who knows everything. Completely untrue. My initial goal is just let people see how I do things in every day life, the products I hate/love, the way I style my frizzy hair, put make-up on my pale face, hence 'vlog'. Personally, I don't know what it is, but I love the "get ready with me tags" on YouTube. I have developed such an interest in seeing how other girls my age live, and stuff they like, hair products they use, clothes they buy, etc. It's like having a big group of girlfriends without the drama, lol. Does that sound weird? I dunno...obviously it's not weird, and I'm not the only one, considering Bunny has over a million subscribers, and Nicole is not far behind! 

Realistically, I suck at a lot of things. Especially cooking..and putting on liquid eyeliner, but especially cooking! I just figured, much like all the girls I've grown to love in the realm of the Internet, I'd share these things with the web too. Not everything I suggest is going to work for everyone else. I've had people rave about products they've tried because of my blog, and I've had people not like products too. It just depends.

Hopefully I've cleared a few things up for anyone who was wondering. If you weren't wondering, then you probably aren't even reading this because you clicked out already.

My favorite YouTubers (aside from Nicole and Bunny that I've already linked above):

Arden Rose
Kandee Johnson

And a random, completely un-beauty related:

Angry Video Game Nerd

If any of you grew up in the 90's like I did, and you don't mind more profanity then one can handle, please watch AVGN's videos. He just does reviews on old games he hates (on every game council you can imagine and probably never even heard of), and I've literally seen my dad choke on cereal before, laughing so hard at a few of them. I'm disappointed for the sole reason that I've literally watched every video, so I'm to the point where I have to wait for new ones to come out. He's gotten so big over the past few years, that it's harder for him to put out new videos as often, which I'm happy for him, and sad at the same time because I could watch them all day long. This one in particular is my favorite (Note: Due to language, these are NOT kid friendly! Just a warning):

Anyway, hope that cleared up a few things. If you have any video suggestions for me, or have a product you'd like me to try, please let me know in the comments!

Love thy kitties,

Monday, October 21, 2013

15 Minute Messy Waves!

Here's my 15 minute messy waves tutorial. If you have a curling wand, some hairspray and a brush, you are good to go.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Birchbox and Ipsy | October 2013!!

It's that time again!

By the way, when you watch these, they may look better if you actually click on the YouTube link and not watch it on my blog. It tends to cut things out.
I must apologize too because despite my delightfully spoooooky cover photo, neither of them were Halloween themed, which made my face sad. If you can't see my cover photo, it's because BlogSpot is a douche.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Get Ready With Me!!

Yay! My second YouTube tag! This is a typical morning for me...

Friday, October 4, 2013

"My Empties"

My first YouTube tag!
For those of you who are unfamiliar with YouTube tags, it's basically just a category. This tag is the one that happens to be all of the products I've used up! Seems silly, and it probably is, but that's ok. Most YouTube videos are. I also get to introduce you to my beloved majestic beasts.