Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Just so everyone knows, my first ever rump roast turned out amazing.  I made mashed potatoes, and used the broth to make gravy...It was good.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posting lately, I've been extremely busy at work. I'm not complaining though, the wicked witch is gone and I will gladly take over the job if it means she's leaving. I finally got somewhat caught up today and realized I'd deserted my blog.  I went to back to it and it felt like I was visiting an old abandon house. Poor blog.

So I went to Phish over the weeked. It was awesome. I forgot how much I hate sitting in the lawn at that place though. Alpine Valley is literally in a valley, so the lawn is a steep hill of agony that is scary whether your going up or down it.  People are constantly going up and down so it's very likely that some drunk asshole will give you a 'bow to the the face or chest and knock you backwards or forwards. It would be a very painful domino effect if that happened. I made sure to stay close to the handrails during the hikes because I could only imagine the worst if I were to fall. Last year we were in 26th row pavilion, so I guess I can't complain. Here are some pictures from the show:

Me and the man...very excited lol.

Green Man...obviously stuffs. Don't lie, it's the first thing you looked at.

Ben jocked in his new camera...

This is our friend Jason, who repeatedly jumped off the loft in our hotel room.

Lake Lawn Resort Balcony Pics

So yeah, it was an awesome trip.  There's plenty more pictures, but those were just a few of my favorites.

Sorry for the short lame post...work is almost over.

Have a good day and a pleasant tomorrow.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Six Flags, Gurnee, IL

I have secretly been a complete wreck about taking my redemption trip to Six Flags.  Last time I was there was summer of 2008, where I pussed out fairly quickly, and caused my boyfriend a hernia after he'd spent a hefty amount of money on me for that weekend.  He booked a room at a nice hotel, took me out to dinner, and bought the tickets, so I can understand. I got the silent treatment the remainder of the day.

I had/have been watching the show 'Bert the Conquerer' on Travel channel for some time now, and I adore it.  It couldn't have aired at a better time, because right around the time we planned this, this show came on. Bert was my inspiration to ride the dreaded ride I've been fearing for months.  To be clear, I don't completely hate rollercoasters...I hate extremely big drops that send your stomach into your mouth and rob you of your air supply while you're plummeting down a drop. I guess that's what some people love about them, but not me.

We got to the park yesterday about 10 am, I could see that asswipe coaster peering at me over the trees, just mocking me. The sudden urge to crap took over me.  We parked, and started on inside.  As we got into line for the Raging Bull, the extreme fear set in.  I can't even remember the last time I felt so scared and vulnerable. I was on the verge of sobbing.  My hands were sweating, my body was frozen...I kept saying, "I can't do this...I can't go on this..." I forced myself to sit, pulled down the harness, and off it went.  Ben and our friend Dan kept saying things like "We're almost to the top! Here it goes!" I yelled, "Please stop talking to me until this is over!"  We were at the top, I closed my eyes, and we fell.  The 208 foot fall only lasts a total of 4 seconds, but for that 4 seconds you cannot breathe, then it goes back up and around, and through a series of smaller drops, which you also can't breathe, then its over. As soon as it was over, I wiped my eyes, threw my arms up in the air and yelled, "BERT THE CONQUERER!"  It was over.  That stupid drop that I've been dreading for months for finally done with, and I was proud.

After that, the rest of the rides were a breeze.  Even on the Vertical Velocity I was laughing and having a great time and that's the ride that made me call it quits last time.  We rode 3 more after that, but then it got to the point where there was 90 minute wait times, so we went in the lazy river in the water park for a bit, before making a much needed stop at Joe's crab shack for some shrimp and crab legs, then home.

So I redeemed myself.  Now I'm confident that I will be able to go on anything I want in Orlando in March, which is part of the reason we went yesterday. Going to Orlando would be pretty lame if I didn't want to ride anything at Universal.

Until next time, cheers!