Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2013 Favorites Part 2

Heya peoples,

This is the part two edition of THIS video:

I was originally going to do this part two in a second video, but decided it was more blog worthy instead because I can list things rather then rattle them off. However, I try to get videos out every week.

If you did not watch the video, (which you should) was basically just naming off all my favorite cosmetics of the 2013 year. Now I'm going to stuff that you do not put on your face. I guess you can put this stuff on your face...I don't know why though.

Men in Black 3 (I watched this damn near 20 times last year, it's a must that this be here)
Lady in Black (The black part is just a coincidence, but I watched this movie quite a bit. I must stay a devoted fan to Daniel Radcliffe as my former Harry Potter, and I love a good ghost flick!)
ParaNorman (This movie reminded me a lot of Coraline, with it's creepy animation. Plus it's got ghosts...so...there ya go).
The Heat (Undoubtedly, one of the funniest movies of the year)

One Republic - Can't Stop
30 Seconds to Mars - Hurricane

Hopeless Wanderer - Mumford and Sons
Came Back Haunted - Nine Inch Nails

Walking on a Dream - Empire of the Sun
Crystalfilm - Little Dragon
Midnight City - M83
Pyro - Kings of Leon
Gaucho - Dave Matthews Band
Burn - Usher
Enjoy The Silence - Depeche Mode
Appreciation - Jimmy Eat World
Happy - Pharell Williams
Give me Love - Ed Sheeran
Stay - Micky Ekko & Rihanna
Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order
We Don't Eat - James Vincent McMorrow

Of course, this does not include my cardio tracks. I will do those in a separate post later on:)

Aside from my usual Vampire Diaries and Supernatural, there are a lot of other shows on my DVR that make the cut, but I never talk about.
Dead Files - Travel Channel (This is one of few shows on TV that literally make me afraid of my own shadow, if you are fascinated by the ghost world, you'll be hooked).
Paranormal Witness - SyFy (Reenactments of actual, true, hauntings, as told by the hauntees themselves. Sure, it's probably exaggerated, but no one will ever know. Either way, the stories are interesting. It's like "Are you Afraid of the Dark" but real, and for adults. #90sKids)
Ghost Adventures - Travel Channel (I used to be a big TAPS follower, or Ghost Hunters on SyFy, but Ghost Adventures is better in opinion. Although I love the TAPS crew, GA is just more intense. Zak is always yelling and instigating, which leads to more evidence. Generally, it's just more entertaining).

Those are pretty much all I watched all year. It's my Friday night ritual is grab a drink of choice and watch all the new episodes.

Argo Iced Teas (Try the Hibiscus Sangria...YUM - I found mine at Shell, but I'm sure you can find them anywhere tea is sold)
Vanilla Chai hot Tea by Bigelow (with some Cinnamon and honey...drool)
La Croix Sparkling waters

So you can see now why I didn't want to do a video of this...

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Love thy kitties,