Thursday, November 7, 2013

It's fall...finally! October Favorites:)

Hi kiddos!

Hope you all are having a fabuloso fall so far.

I've been busy, busy with work, getting some videos out, drinking tea, watching tv, all that good stuff.

Best mug ever

So, since I have a few videos lined up, I didn't know when I'd be able to work some October favorites in there.

1) Jordana Twist and Shine Balm Stains

These are moisturizing, cheap and pretty. They glide on nicely, they smell good, and are buildable. Definitely give these a shot before you go out and buy more expensive brands. These are definitely a drug store gem. Try using a Beautique brand lip liner in red, for a soft outline. You can find Beautique brand at Sallys, and they are mega-affordable.

2) Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Gloss in Gleaming Grenadine

I know, I know! I said I wasn't really using lip glosses anymore, but this one was on clearance and I had too. Target made me do it! But, WOW. This lip gloss is beautiful. The color is spot on. What you see in the tube, is what is on your lips! It goes nicely over a lipstick/stain, and for a matte effect, blot with a tissue. The ol' tissue trick. My biggest problem with lip gloss lately is that my teeth get in the way.

3) Chapstick Moisturizer with Hydration Lock

I've always been a fan of Chapstick brand (even with Burts, EOS, and Softlips floating around). I use it every night before bed and it's never steered me wrong. I received this in my October Birchbox and I love it! Even been using it over my Softlips...GASP.

4) Wet N Wild Palette "I'm Getting Sunburned"

Wet N' Wild is one of those brands that goes unnoticed in the store most of the time because of it's reputation for being cheap. Much like ELF or NYC; BUT, thanks to EmilyNoel83 I bought myself a few of these. Honestly, I used these a few times when I first got them and then retired them into a drawer for awhile. I busted this one back out recently after watching one of her tutorials, and I am completely in love with this now. Be warned, these eyeshadows have an incredibly ridiculous fallout and tend to break easily so be careful while storing these, AND tapping your brush or sponge tip applicator is a MUST. However, the colors, once distributed and blended, are beautiful. The pink makes for a beautiful crease/blending color. I plan on doing a tutorial with this eventually to show you. Despite the fallout/breaking drawback, you cannot beat this for $2-3 bucks!

4) Neutrogena On-The-Spot Acne Treatment
For whatever reason, I was having a skin crisis over the past few weeks and breaking out in spots on my face where I normally don't get breakouts. I'm guessing it was from all the Halloween candy...ughh. On a whim, I bought this little guy having success with Neutrogena products before, and viola! Gone in only a few short days. I could see the difference literally overnight. This will become a tiny staple in my medicine cabinet from now on.

5) Bath and Body Works "Be Enchanted" Body Spray

I don't really buy much from B&B because I tent to buy the body sprays and then they end up in another dimension of my house, and I end up finding them 6 years later, untouched, covered in dust. Be Enchanted, is NOT one of those scents for me. I ADORE this body spray. It's a rich, bold scent that smells like a mix of gummy bears, musk, amber...just perfect for the fall/winter months! This is the only one that I will probably have to repurchase, which is a rarity for me! I had the lotion too, but I gave it to my bestie to share the love. I also bought these for my mom and sister for Christmas last year. Can't get enough!

6) Maybelline Master Duo Liquid Eyeliner
I just wanted to start out by saying, I SUCK at liquid eyeliner. I just haven't quite grasped onto the "cat-eye" concept yet. Usually, when I manage to do it, it's out of pure luck. Luckily, I'm getting much better now, thanks to this little tube. Before, I was using a Wet N' Wild Megaliner, which just went all over the place because the brush like 2 feet long, but this is a teeny spongy tip. You can flip it to the side for a skinny line, or lay it flat for a thick line. This stuff is nice for people just starting out with liquid liner like me. Don't get me wrong, still difficult at first, but definitely easier then the Wet N Wild. I was loyal to pencils, but I figured it was time to put on my big girl pants and try some liquid liners. I can't review things if I don't try them!

Shows I am loving!

Duh, Vampire Diaries. I'm a sucker for CW shows...Delena all the way! (Sorry Stefan fans). Damon is where it's at! I also have the biggest girl crush on Nina Dobrev. So many beautiful people in this show and just the perfect amount of drama and wine guzzling, tear jerking moments. They also have the most amazing soundtracks. 

 ...And Supernatural..Ok, you have 2 hot brothers in one show who fight demons, folklore monsters, vampires, killer clowns, their adorable best angel friend, Castiel... Then you have Crowley, the king of the underworld locked in their basement, and Charlie their awesome lesbian gamer girl pal; and all the other lovable characters along the way (honorable mentions, Bobby and the Trickster of course). There is no reason to NOT love this show. I am a longtime and loyal fan! I follow these guys on Twitter too and they make fun of each other via Twitter during show premieres. They are just the best. If you haven't seen this yet, you have a lot of catching up to do because they are in season 9 right now!

I've also recently gotten into NBC's Community...

I just started getting into Community though so I don't know a whole lot about it as of now, except for the love triangle between Jeff, Annie and Britta. I really love Joel McHale. Plus, anything with Chevy Chase and I'm there. He's been awesome since Caddyshack.


Donkey Chips! These are all natural tortilla chips that are amazing heated up, not heated up, covered in shredded cheese, or salsa. My husband and I can polish off a whole bag in a few days...

Ok, and I know this is a total ridiculous thing to add to food I feel like, but I have been obsessed with Dietz and Watson's Gourmet Chicken Breast lunch meat lately (sliced thin of course;) I have a love/hate relationship with lunch meat because a lot of the time (having a Quizo's flashback) the meat is...jiggly and slimy. Ew, ew, ew! I shutter just thinking about that. D&W on the other hand is sooooo good! I've been buying by the pound and making myself a sandwich on whole wheat with a slice of provolone for the past 2 weeks it feels like. It also goes well on good crackers too (I like the long thin sesame crackers personally - sorry I can't think what they are called!). I'm guessing this is a nationwide brand, so if you see this logo, hook yourself up! It's a little pricey, but worth it. If you can find it on sale, even better!

Songs I love right now:

(For workouts)

Tritonal, Jeza - Can't Keep It In (Moar Levi's Starlight remix)
Estiva Mix - Wait Forever

Seriously, if you are looking for some good workout songs, download those. I could just put these two songs on repeat and do a 20 minute run! Lol. Tritonal is awesome for working out. Thank you Spotify radio!

(In general)

One Republic - Can't Stop (Check out the whole "Native" album, SO good)

30 Seconds to Mars - Hurricane  (I wear myself out on this song all the time, give it a few weeks and love it all over again...seriously...listen to Jared Leto's voice...Homer drool...he's so pretty).

Nine Inch Nails - Copy of A

That's all folks! Also, I started working on this yesterday, but last night, discovered that my home laptop completely crashed. I got the blue screen of death telling me that it could not locate a hard drive...THAT bad! Which is infuriating because the computer is just barely a year old (but of course, just shy of still being under warranty, go figure). I can't even boot the system through safe mode because apparently, the new Acers removed safe mode for faster boot up. You can only access safe mode through Windows...THAT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. How can you only access it through Windows, IF YOU CAN'T LOAD WINDOWS? We have the worst luck with laptops. We had a Compaq before this, and that thing was a piece of junk right out of the box...Apparently, so is this one, (it's an Acer, btw). So, hopefully my videos won't be on a hiatus for awhile! I'm in a panic trying to figure out what to do if the laptop can't be fixed. Sigh. Just a hiccup, I know, but it's so frustrating!

Love thy kitties,