Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Product Reviews for September! Covergirl, Neutrogena, Benefit, Got2b

Hey guys!

I know it's only mid-September, but if I didn't do this today, I probably wouldn't have gotten it done until October sometime.

Don't you hate when you think you are all paid up with your bills/debt, and then all at once you get a bunch of financial surprises? The weather had been blazing in Illinois for pretty much the entire month of August, so our ComEd bill was through the roof. Ben and I have been living together for 4 years, and this is the highest bill we've ever had! On top of that, I received my sticker renewal notice for my car, my small loan company told me the wrong month that my loan would be paid off, so I took that money and went and spent it celebrating the fact I'd paid my loan off. So naturally, a week after the due date I get a phone call from them telling me my contract is actually up in September, not August. Typical. That being said, I try to review products that are generally affordable. So rarely, you are going to see high end products on my blog. Not because I don't like them, but because I can't afford them. If I do, it's usually a sample sized portion. What are some drug store products you love? I'm curious, and I love trying new ones. Or, do you prefer high end make up? Do tell.

Cover Girl 3 in 1 Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation
Ok, if I could love a cover up any more then I love this one, I would literally be taking this to the alter and marrying it. I have always commended Covergirl products, and stuck with them, despite their somewhat crappy reviews elsewhere. This is called 3 in 1 because it's a liquid foundation, complete with a primer and concealer all in one little convenient pump. Between this one, and Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundation from this post, I prefer this one. I believe this was about $10 at Wal-mart whereas Revlon was about $13. Normally, I use a primer underneath my foundations, but with this, I get to save my primers! I'd say that this is good for all skin types. I have combination skin (oily in the t-zone, dry elsewhere) It has light coverage, good last power, and has a nice matte finish. 

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Triple-action Toner

I haven't used a toner since I was a senior in high school (class of 2004, whooo), because of a bad experience I had with it. I was using a Clean and Clear toner for my face and it made me break out SO bad, and of course, it was right around senior picture time. So where my face is generally acne free, my senior picture caught the product fail for the rest of eternity. So, after a 9 year hiatus, I decided to give another toner a try. This product is designed to stop acne before it starts, clean pores, eliminate oil and shine, and reduces redness. Hesitant, I put the stuff on my face (3 times that day, as advised) and waited for the worst, BUT, ended up being pleasantly surprised, and now, ELATED. I have been using this for only 3 days, and I can already see a significant difference in my skin. As most of you know, I work in an office, so naturally the phone is always touching my chin, I rest my head in my hand while filling stuff out, etc. I had a little bit of unwanted discoloration, and acne on my chin, and within a DAY, my chin was clearing up. I got this for roughly $6 from Target. I know that toners can be expensive, so I wanted to try one that was affordable, and this exceeded my expectations and didn't break the bank.

B.right! Radiant Skincare by Benefit
I received a sample of this kit in my August Birchbox. Included, is

It's potent! Eye cream
Triple Performing Facial Emulsion
Total Moisture Facial Cream

I have been using the 3 of these things together and they really live up to what they stand for, which is to brighten and moisturize. The emulsion formula (which is actually a moisturizing sunscreen), is designed to capture and maintain water on the skin’s surface. I've been using this at night before bed along with the facial cream. Sunscreen, eh? Oh well. They work beautifully together. I feel like the eye cream really does brighten my under eyes, and helps make me look more awake. I have even used it under make-up with no issues. I realize that Benefit products are hella expensive, so if you'd like to try these products for yourself, you can click here to purchase the sample kit shown below. They have a smaller one too, but I figured this one was had more stuff to try at a reasonable cost. I plan on buying one myself a little later when I get a few bills paid off! I love this stuff, and the scent smells almost exactly like True Religion, Hippie Chic, which if you have not smelled the refreshing scent that is Hippie Chic, it's just a nice, clean, "fresh out of the shower" gem. You will not be disappointed.
Conair Infiniti You Curl Wand Styler (Small)

I am not sure why it took me SO long to buy one of these curling wants. What I was using before was a large barreled regular curling iron, and would wrap my hair around it. It worked, but once I started using this wand, I realized what I was missing out on. I got this at Wal-mart for around $24. When I pulled this out of the package, I was uncertain with whether or not the wand was going to be too small width-wise. Once I was finished, I achieved the perfect "beach waves" that I've always longed to have. The heat goes up to 410, and I can get my whole head done in about 20 minutes start to finish (minus the time used to apply hairspray and "shape" the style). This comes with a little glove too to avoid burning your hand, but I always burn my forearms so the glove means nothing to me, lol. Automatic shut off is always a plus too for you airheads out there who leave for work without shutting your hot tools off!

           Got2b Kinkier Double Curling Power Mousse

I have used this mousse for both scrunching my hair (which I rarely do now that I finally invested in the wand), or using this before blow drying and waving. I use Got2b products all the time, and I've just added this to the collection. Put the foam throughout your lioness mane, along with (just my suggestion) some Suave Professional anti-frizz cream (or whatever anti-frizz cream you prefer) and blow dry. The reason I suggest an anti-frizz cream is because using any hot tools tend to create frizz. Especially since with a wand, you want to brush the curls out to create a 'wave' rather then tight ringlets. Don't forget your heat protectant! I'm bad and I always do, but try not too;) Overall, this curling mousse isn't drying like the Pantene mousse I've used, and doesn't make my hair crunchy when I do decide to scrunch it. For waving, this helps hold the curls. 

                                               Covergirl Smoky Shadow Blast
Unfortunately, these did not make the cut for me, and I cannot back Covergirl on these. Which is disappointing considering how long it took me to choose which two colors to buy, AND, it's Covergirl and they are my favorite. This is a two sided cream eyeshadow stick. One side is a rounded light base color for the lid, and a lipstick shaped tip on the other end, that is the "smoky" side for your outer corners/crease. I used these alone with my Elf shadow primer, which is always a nice base for any of my shadows, but even with a primer, they are just not good. The staying power is terrible, and the shadow is very creamy, and smudges all over the place, but not in a good way. Smudging is a completely different thing then blending, and these are NOT blendable. Once you do have them on, they feel tacky and you can feel it every time you blink. Not to mention, the first time I used one of my sticks, the smoky tip broke immediately. If you already have one of these sticks and can't return it, like I wish I would have before losing the receipt, use these as a base only. You can set these with a powder eyeshadow, much like when you set your foundation with a powder. They work much better underneath a powder, then by themselves.

Perfume shout out for this post is Katy Perry's, Killer Queen.

I do not actually own this perfume, but I like to think that me spraying it on myself whenever I see it anywhere, qualifies as me owning it. It is a perfect scent for fall/winter with a musky, amber scent, and if I did not loathe buying perfume so bad, I would already have it. Does this completely disqualify this perfume from a shout-out if I do not personally own it? I think NOT.

Random Shout Outs:

Bigelow Vanilla Chai Tea (this is a black tea) is my alternative to coffee. I can drink about 8 cups of this a day...and those bunny grahams? OMG the bunny grahams! These are such a fun little guilt free treat. Annie's gets me every time. I love you Annie's.

I also love Andy...Andy is my kitty. We hold hands.

Love thy kitties,
What I'm listening too this week:
Pyro - Kings of Leon
Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus (don't lie, you have too).
For work outs:
Applause - Lady Gaga
Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Rey vs. Cedric Gervais remix
Atmosphere - Kaskade
Disclaimer: I purchase all of these products on my own, and am not paid for my opinions on these products. With the exception of the pictures I personally take, the pictures are simply used for enjoyment and I do not take any rights or own any of the stock photos used.

Friday, September 13, 2013

September Birchbox and Ipsy Unboxing!!!

I signed up for Ipsy this month too!! So I did an unboxing/unbagging of both. I finally figured out how to use my new computer and found a movie editor. I had a lot of fun (and a lot of drinks) while editing this. Good thing it's Friday.
Love thy kitties,
PS: For those of you who like the regular blog posts, I will try to get one up of some new product reviews soon! Videos are just SO much easier!