Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My original Friday post, that was rudely interrupted...

Well, what a nice day! I went to the gym again this morning, discovered I've lost 2 more pounds, which makes a total of about 8 now. But my weight seems to be steadily falling now though...Could it be that the weight is starting to fall off? Because yesterday morning I weighed myself and I'd lost 2...which makes a total of 4 in a week...2 days actually. I honestly think it's because I stopped eating Scamway and have been eating grilled chicken salads all week with a few teaspoons of 60 calorie, no fat dressing and a whole buttload of vegetables, frozen fruit and nuts. I've also been drinking so much water I feel like a water balloon. Aside from the carb and calorie loaded Scamway I stopped eating, I virtually eat no bread at all. I mean seriously, it's about time something happened to my benefit. You know you're losing weight when your yoga pants start getting loose on you.

So Ben finally texted me at lunch today with good news! We should be closing on the house on Wednesday, March 31st. This better happen because I'm sacrificing 2 days of work for this move, and I also worked it out with the landlord that rent will not be an issue so long as we are out within a reasonable time (the following Monday, which we surely will be if the closing goes as scheduled). I also have to clean up the apartment which won't be fun, but I've been keeping the place clean, so it shouldn't be that bad.

So a few little updates...

Poster is no longer trying to get into cabinets and closets, but instead has taken on the new habit of going directly under where I lay in bed, and scratch the wall. It doesn't make a noise as if a human was scratching a painted wall, but more that of a furry asswipe creature with werewolf talons scratching a chalkboard. That little stunt, as well a few others, are his new way of waking Ben and I up at 4 in the morning, on the dot, every morning.

One of his others is going into the spare bedroom where we keep various junk, and also a lot of old boxes that we've been saving over the year for our expected move. For some reason, he will paw at the largest one, which makes a loud scraping noise. Take your hand, put it on the nearest surface and slide your hand along it, but lightly. Repeat between hands. This is what it sounds like, except 3 times louder and for 15 minutes straight without stopping on a large cardboard box. Atleast, we think it's a cardboard box. Everytime one of us finally can't take it anymore, we get up to spray him (a water bottle is always necessary with this cat), and he's already bolting to hide behind the couch. We've never actually caught him pawing the box to death, but that's what it sounds like. I'm not going to lie, he's an extremely smart cat. I'd like to pride myself in thinking that he's smarter then your average cat, but this is not automatically a good thing.

For example, this morning, before he started box pawing, he was playing with a hair tie in our doorway. He likes to find small trinkets laying around (he prefers things that make noise of course, beer bottle caps are his favorite), and bring them directly into our doorway and play with them. Ben was gone for work already, and Poster had not yet settled down from his 4 a.m. recess. I was just about to doze back off when he brought the hair tie into our doorway and was rolling around with it mercilessly, every so often, rolling into the wall, and scraping his dragon dagger nails into the lenolium, basically making a lot of unnecessary ruckus. I finally got up, and took his hair tie from him, and laid back down. I swear to you, I am not making this up, before I even had a chance to close my eyes, he was under the bed, scratching the wall. My first thought was that I was hearing things, but I wasn't. He was getting revenge on me for taking his beloved toy.

Since of course, he is always out of arms length when I reach under the bed to drag him out, I had to get up, again, and go into the front room, knowing he'd follow me. But it didn't work. He was sitting under the bed, green eyes glowing with glee at my obvious anger. So I lured him out by pretending to give him a treat, but then just locked him out. He is seriously like a kid. I love him dearly, but he pisses me off a lot too.

Well I'm out. Have an awesome day.

Slightly better?

Guess what I did today?

I got up at 6:15, got ready, and went to the gym for an hour before work. I LOVED it. There was nobody there except an older couple and their trainer. A vivacious older woman with a lot of pep in her step. The old man was an adorably sweet old guy, who said to me as I was leaving, "You have a great day today!'. That made me happy.

So Brenda, our mortgage broker still hasn't gotten back to us with any good news yet. I called her today and she said that USDA or (HUD) or whatever the hell you want to call them, messed up some of Ben's paperwork, and they are correcting it. How typical. Of course we are really under a lot of pressure right now as far as time, and they are messing up paperwork. Get with it, you idiots.

It's now 10 to 5 and I have not received a text from Ben with good news, nor a call from Brenda with good news. When I talked to Ben earlier, he said to me, "I'm about to tell them to take this house, shove it up their asses, and get (bleeped)". Which made me laugh a little, but I am just as frustrated as he is. This whole thing is really messing with our time, and feelings. Since last Friday we have been let down over and over and flooded with dissapointment. We just feel so belittled by some persons we can't even see. Who are these jags? We haven't even started to pack because we're both starting to feel hopeless. Like we've been dangling an enourmous worm on a line for a month without a bite. Everytime we feel a wiggle, it stops. That was a gay analogy. My mind is a little clouded with pain right now, so I'm gonna call it a day.

Have an awesome day everyone.

Oh yeah, and I lost 2 pounds.

Angry Post

Well I'm very irritated today. The mortgage brokers and our realtor were almost certain we'd close on March 19th. But then, that fell through, so an extension was made for another week. It is now Wednesday, March 24th. I called the mortgage company this morning, and they got Ben's file back from HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development), and now there's some little paperwork errors that need to be fixed, sent back to HUD and reveiwed, once again. The already had an extenstion last week to get paperwork, and now they need more time just to fix a few little things? Seriously...what the hell!?

We are really pressing time here! We don't have another week. This is rediculous. We need to get out of our apartment by April 1st to avoid paying another months rent. Not to mention we would have had Friday (as I requested this day off, and then unrequested it today, I'm lucky I have an understanding boss) and Sunday to move our stuff. Saturday we have a wedding in Springfield to go too (we cancelled the hotel room for this and are passing up a night of free drinks BECAUSE WE THOUGHT WE WERE MOVING), so we only have those two days. I cannot take off 2 days of work to move, which is the appropriate amount of time I will need to get moved and get the place cleaned up! AHHHH!

I just want to punch HUD in the face right now. I don't blame the brokers or our realtor, I'm blaming HUD for being a bunch of picky little pansies...if they are checking all this stuff so throughly, why didn't they catch all of this the first time?

I also forgot my gym clothes today, I'm pretty sure my monthly 'friend' is going to show up some time today, the weather blows, my acid indigestion never goes away, etc...its just one of those awesome days. I'm seriously on the verge of bawling my eyes out with anger at this whole stupid situation. We just want to get in there, get the move overwith, and move on. But instead, we have to sit and sit and wait for that phone call.

Oh and to add a little more anger onto my already overly irritating day, I still have not lost any weight, so the Biggest Loser competition is going just swimmingly! I feel like an idiot that I've weighed in three weeks in a row and nothings happened. I mean, not even 2 pounds. They're probably thinking, 'Why did you join this competition, if you're not trying?" Well, that's the thing, imaginary gym employees in my story, I AM TRYING! I am trying, dammit. I've BEEN trying for over two months now. You tell me why nothing's happening, you see me here 3 or 4 days a week, fighting lesbians off the elliptacle and walking up the rotating stairway of hell, so you tell me!


I want to give up so bad. I'm not going too, but I want too. I'm sick of trying to be positive about something that is never going to happen. I have to work, so I can't quit my job because it requires sitting in a chair for 8 hours. Over the past few months, I've read lots of success stories but various women, young, old, obese, thick, and jiggly and they all say the same things: "I started eating better and working out 30-45 minutes a day, 3-4 days a week and lost 45 pounds in 3 months" or something of that nature. So that's roughly 15 pounds a month. So....what's my problem then? I've been eating better for almost 3 months, eating whole grains, fruits, vegetables, more salad than I can handle, besides the outrageous carb count in Scamway sandwhiches, I barely eat any bread, I watch my sodium intake, I get a very adequate amount of sleep each night, I eat a good breakfast, I've been drinking 55 calorie beer (2 nights a week), I barely drink pop anymore, I went from almost 4 cans a day to 1diet pop if any at all, I work out 45-50 minutes 3-4 days a week...WHAT IS THE PROBLEM THERE?! Yeah, on the weekends, I will get take out, or eat a little bit of junk here or there, but nothing that should be preventing me from losing ANY weight AT ALL. People keep telling me, 'Oh just give it time, it will start falling off one day..." Really? 3 months later? If I was a roast in a smoker I'd be liquified right now. If Jillian Michaels weren't alive, she'd be rolling in her grave right now!

1 1/2 hours later...

Ok, so I took a break and had some lunch, drove around and got some fresh air, and I feel slightly better.

So, nothing unusually exciting has happened to me lately. I bought a dress for the wedding on Saturday, but not a green one. I was definately budget shopping, and DEB did not have any green dresses to my liking. So I settled with a very cute black one. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it actually looked, since me shopping for anything is always a horrible and anguishing experience. Clothes just keep shrinking and shrinking because we're all supposed to be anorexic models nowadays. Anyway, It was on clearance too for $25.00, so it left me room to buy shoes and a few other accessories, like panty-hoes. I think pantyhose are hilarious! You pull them out of the little box shaped like an egg, so it's like unhatching a little baby animal or something, and the things are so tiny you always question whether or not they are going to fit you. They always go up the leg all sleek and sexy, but then you get to your midsection and the feeling immediately goes away and quickly turns into sadness when you realize that the pantyhose will not stay comfortably on the lower abdomen. They keep sliding down, under your stomach 'pooch', and you can feel it when you walk. "These god damned pantyhose keep sliding down!"...Then they always fit your crotch weird. You feel the strangest desire to do lunges as often as possible while sporting a pair of 'hose because they are preventing your legs from moving as freely. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm always messing with the crotch area of those things when I wear them. And, it's just inevitable that if you purchase a pair of pantyhose, they are going to tread and tear and there's nothing you can do about it. They are just hilariously stupid. I've worn a total of about 5 pairs of 'hose in my life, and all were ripped in a matter of hours. I'm choosing to wear them for the wedding on Saturday because my pasty, jet puffed legs, are white as marshmellows. That's what I look like, the Stay Puffed Marshmellow man from Ghostbusters.

Hopefully the wedding will be fun though for the short time that we will be there. We had Ben's mom cancel our hotel room because we thought we were going to have to rush back that night and hit the hay so we could get up bright and early and finish moving and cleaning on Sunday, but to no avail. Thanks again, HUD, for your picky and finicky bull that is causing us so much stress. You'd think we were moving into a castle the way they are handling things.

Hopefully this will all work out soon, so I can stop posting angry posts.

Have a good day all.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Subway lies.

Again, sorry for the rant yesterday. Biggest Loser.com made me feel bad about myself, so it just set me off.  Last night, Ben fell asleep earlier, so I stole his phone and started messing with a calorie counter application I downloaded on it some time ago. I tried to break down all the reasons I haven't been losing the weight, and finally figured out that this whole time that I've been 'eating good', I actually have been intaking the same amount of calories if not more, then the 2000 calorie per day diet. I have a calorie journal online that I periodically check, and my goal calorie intake is about 1100 per day.  I have broken up my usual diet for the past couple weeks, and the outcome was that I'm going well over 1500. So it's no wonder. The 'Light and Fit', 'Fit & Active' and 'Weight Watchers' labels can be deceiving.

Also, I've been eating Subway for lunch and dinner pretty much every day for the past two weeks (6" for lunch and the other half for dinner). But something occured to me last night while messing with the calorie counter add on Ben's phone...when the Subway commercials say that 'There's only 250 calories in this sandwhich! YAY!' They are not counting, the cheese, bread or condiments. They are basically just giving you the meat. I will break it down for you...

6" Bread: Honey Oat-250 calories, 48 carbs, 3.5g fat
Ham: 60 calories per slice (about 3 slices on a 6")
Turkey: 50 calories per slice (about 3 slices on a 6")
Light Mayo: 50 calories per tsp (so about 6 tsp per 6"), 1.5g fat
Mustard: 5cal per tsp (about 6 tsp per 6")
Provolone: 2 half circles are 1.5g fat, 50 calories (2 per 6")

And that is usually what I get on mine, with spinach, cucumber, and that's it. So lets see, that's, 970 calories and 6.5 grams of fat. For a 6 inch. Now, if I eat the other half for dinner that's almost 1940 calories, not to mention the carbs in that. And the wheat bread is no better, the wheat bread is 200 calories.

See for yourself...

So that's how they get ya. I do agree that is it healthier than eating a Big Mac, except the Big Mac actually has less calories at 540 but 29g of fat. The worse thing to get at McDonalds is the Deluxe breakfast at a whopping 1090 calories and 56 grams of fat. Oh, and the milk shakes, 1110 calories for a vanilla, and about the same for the other two (Sorry dad).

So I think I deciphered why I have not been dropping the weight. I have had a very mislead diet hidden behind 'weight loss' labels. So I'm gonna start cooking up some more chicken breasts and making big salads instead of worrying about getting Scamway.

I'm not giving up yet world. Where there is a will, there is a way.

I also have to stop getting take out. Those Saturday night rendezvous at the Skillet and Hamada and wherever else are not doing me justice.

So a few little updates...

Crazy is still at it. I have not talked to her since the day before the meeting 3 weeks ago, and I don't intend on talking to her. It did not dawn on me how crazy she actually was until her little plans started unfolding. I truly believe that she is trying to get us all fired.  I'm not sure what her motive is, or what she plans on doing if we all got fired, but she's got something brewing up there. I think that she has this huge, epic and ultimate plan that will bring all her little plans together one day, and when they do, she's going to put on quite a show.  She has no regret for what she did. In fact, she's pretending it didn't happen and acting as though we are all the ones with the problem. She is constantly doing things to make us not like her, snapping at everyone, slamming her phone after every call, stomping around, slamming drawers, oh yeah, and did I mention sending fake e-mails to management about facebook, getting us all in trouble and nearly fired, and not even because f facebook, but because of the drama she's causing...but then gets all riled up when one of us isn't giving her attention. It's so weird...it's like...she does all these things that no normal person would enjoy, but then wants us all to cherish and respect her as a co-worker. Either that or she wants us all to feel sorry for her and give her attention, but we stopped caring a long time ago, so what does she want from us? I just don't get it. It's definately a head scratcher.

We've all been in a good mood today (except for Crazy of course, her being in a good mood should be considered a very rare event. Like the solar eclipse.) So, she's been slamming her phone, yelling at every one that calls, permanantly frowning, things like that. So my co-workers and I have just been laughing at her, and the more we laugh, the more angry she gets. She doesn't nessecarily know we are laughing at her, but I'm sure she's figured it out. I came up with the idea that we should just start spraying her water when she gets out of line, but I'm not sure how spraying crazy people would work out. There could be a number of strange things that happen in an event like that, but who knows.

Oh and one more thing I hate...when people put little stupid flags on there cars. Not flag stickers, but flags. Those little ones that snap into your side windows and flutter around all gay. I just saw an old guy drive over the Monee Manahattan overpass, he had a little golfers cap on, and I assume the typical beige rain guard jacket, with grey slacks and orthopedic foot clubs (shoes) with the velcro. I'm sure he wasn't going anywhere, he was probably just taking a little cruise with his pea sized wife, with her drawn orange eyebrows, and doily. I'm not sure why an old lady with orange eyebrows would be carrying a doily around, but when I picture an old woman, for the longest time, I've thought of doilies. So the woman in my story, is carrying a doily.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Help me Jillian Michaels

I'm serious, as of today, I am done pittling around with this weight thing. Why is nothing happening yet?!? I must be doing something wrong! BUT WHAT IS IT?!?! Ahh! So I'm just going to have to work that much harder and get over my dumb little dislikings for treadmills and what not. I've been at this for over two months now and NOTHING has happened! I have lost a few pounds give or take, but I thought by now I'd at least lost a pant size...but no. For a couple days, I thought that my clothes were fitting looser, but I kid you not, I think they've gotten tighter. This is so frustrating, I could just cry right now. I'm just going to come out and say it, I hate the way I look. HATE it. I have a disgusting ripply body that I'm ashamed of, and I'm so mad at myself for letting it get this way.  I'm also sick of trying so hard at something that isn't even working. I take back what I said, I think my body is made up of some other weird anatomy because working out for two months and eating right and having nothing happen is unheard of.

I've also been playing with the fact that maybe I'm mentally not letting the weight go.  I swear I can give myself the flu by just thinking about it, so maybe I'm stressing myself out so much trying to lose it that I'm just keeping the weight on. Stress makes you gain weight right? I just don't even know anymore. Between this and my constant acid indigestion, I've just had it! I could yell out a whole bunch of profanity and words starting with F right now, but I won't. I'll just think them.

I swear that over the next two months or so, I AM going to get this weight off. I think the acid indigestion is caused by the weight, so I can solve two problems in one. I mean come on, 50 year old women on Biggest Loser can lose it, then so can I dammit!

OK. Had to get that out.

But I'm serious. I can't take it anymore. I hate going into a store and seeing cute shirts that I have to pass up, and dreading buying a bathing suit every summer, and being humiliated going out in it. The phrase, 'Pool Party' gives me seizures. I'm just done living like that. I want to throw on a cute tank top and a skirt this summer and not have to hide it under layers of shirts and pants that took me 4 hours to find. It seriously makes me so sad. I remember my grandpa told me a few years ago, "Just remember, there's a skinny girl in there somewhere". Yeah I was pretty upset by that, but he was right. And my Aunt who was obese for a few years, but is now a double 00, shoving weightwatchers in my face, while the other Aunt chimed in for a drunk banter about my joining, in front of Ben nonetheless, who at the time, was a fresh boyfriend of 2 months. That's not really something you want your two lush anorexically skinny aunts' pointing out in front of your new boyfriend.

He just gave me a hug when we left, and I was crying, and told me not to listen to them. That was night he decided he did not like Aunt Sarah, since her opinions always matter so much more when she's drunk.  If we don't stop what we are doing to go to do whatever it is she suggests, she will stare at you, with her lips pursed in a kissy formation, and give you an evil eye while applying scoop after scoop of lipgloss.

Sigh...well I know ranting about it doesn't do me any good, but my butt is stuck in this chair 8 hours out of the day, so I can't express my anger physically (by working out, not punching things like I feel like doing sometimes). This is one of the reasons I miss waitressing. We went to the bar last night to celebrate St. Patty's day for a little bit, and I was periodically glancing at the bartender. I was jealous of her. She was a little spanish chiquita, cute as a button, running around the bar. Her shift ended at 6 I guess, because the new bartender, Sue, a good hearted older women with a rugged biker look to her, came in to relieve her.  I was jealous of both of them. I saw the spanish girl counting out her tips, and I longed so badly to do that again. I hate sitting here, day after day, staring out the window, talking to little assonine, rich, med students. I know I haven't worked there in almost 4 years, but I miss B-dubs. I miss it so very badly.  I know if I ever tried to go back it wouldn't be the same. All my friends are gone, all the managers are different, but I still have my memories. I know it sounds stupid, but that place was more then just a dumb old waitressing job to me. I had made a countless amount of friends there, a family, a home away from home.  I had as much fun working at that place then I did my sophomore year of highschool, which was by far the best year. There were so many kinds of different people there, so many different places to hang out, it was just great.

I know everything happens for a reason, and had it not, I wouldn't be where I am now. All I need to do now is get this weight off, so I can hopefully be content and make peace with myself.

I am my own worst friend.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green livin' is the life for me...

Good afternoon! A good afternoon indeed! And Happy St. Patricks day, a.k.a. Drunken-People-Who-Suddenly-Think-They-Are-Irish-But-Aren't-So-They-Go-To-Bars-And-Act-Like-Asswipes Day!

I'm Irish, and I couldn't care less. It is coincidental that my favorite color is green though...and I like beer...but the whole Irish accent really burns me. And the green suits, with the cut off legs, green stockings, and penny loafers with cotton balls hanging off them. I really hate the way grown men dress like leprachauns with those fairy shoes and shuffle about with bagpipes. The whole thing just really bugs me. Seriously, where do people come up with these traditions? I think the accent hatred actually came to the first time I saw the movie 'Caddyshack'. That dork of a girlfriend that Danny had, Maggie I think her name was, had an Irish accent in that movie and, UGH, I couldn't stand it! Anytime I see that movie now I have to fast forward the parts with her in it. YES, I hate it that much.

It's another one of those things you just can't explain...why did Curly have a hatred for tassles? I don't know. Do you know? I didn't think so. And why was limburger cheese the only thing that calmed him down? Again, don't know.

Well, I haven't really gone to the gym since Sunday unfortunately. Monday I was having some monster digestion issues, which forced me to leave the gym early. Tuesday we were having a crisis with this whole closing thing on the house. They just have the hardest time setting dates and getting all the information straight that they need, forcing Ben to now close later.  We have to be out by April 1st to avoid having to pay another month's rent, and the new closing date is most likely the 26th now. The problem? Ben gets a vacation fund every year from his work, and they needed 'proof', to make sure the extra $1500 and something odd dollars, isn't drug dealer money basically. They also needed proof of homeowners insurance on the house that they haven't even approved him for yet. So he had to go buy homeowners insurance last night, for a house he hasn't even gotten. What sense does that make? So he was a ticking time-bomb yesterday. I went home to help him look for all the new information they needed, then I gave him my credit card, told him to order out, and left to go get a haircut and let him cool off.  When I got back, that seemed to have done the trick because he was laughing at Seinfeld when I returned, and when Ben is really mad, not even Seinfeld makes him laugh. So that was good. We ended up eating some beef sandwhiches and watching, yet again, another Seinfeld. Afterwards I cracked a Select 55 (only 1!) and we watched 'Biggest Loser' before going to bed.

The warm weather gives me a happy, fuzzy feeling in my beergut and reminds me how much I love the summer. I finally have a nice car with a big sunroof to enjoy, and I feel like this summer I will finally free of those stubborn pounds I've so desperately wanted to lose for 4 summers now. So far, much to my dismay, I haven't really lost a whole lot of anything. Just a little more self love everytime I step on that scale and it reads the same thing week after week. SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE HELL? Ironically, on Biggest Loser last night, Bob (one of the trainers) said that working in an 8-hour a day office full time, can make losing weight a lot harder. Awesome! Thanks Bob, great news for me!

Well in honor of St. Patty's day, I am going to have a few beer with Ben at the bar after work.  He actually called me to go out on a week night! Amazing!

Good bye all!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hamada of Japan

Well I tried to do a little updating on this thing, and all I managed to do was put on a new background, and blow up my picture to an annoyingly large size. I can't get it back now.

You'll have to excuse my rage in the last post, I let my anger get the best of me. I failed to realize that losing weight takes time. I've been steadily gaining it for the past 4 years, so it's going to take time to get it off. But sometimes you just gotta vent, you know?

I didn't give up. In fact it just made me want to do it that much more. I went to the gym 4 days last week, all at about an hour a peice. Except Sunday I went for an hour an a half. The gym was virtually empty at first, just me and an older man working out in jeans. Ouch. So I finally manned up and went on the treadmill. For 4 minutes. Then I was reminded why I hate the the treadmill so much, so I got off. I did run on it however, but only for 4 minutes before I thought to myself, "I really hate treadmills".

I moved on to the swinging elliptacle on a resistance of 15 for 20 minutes, and then moved it to a resistance of 20 for 10 minutes. Austin Powers was on so I just watched that for a half hour before finally getting off, sweaty and numb and moved onto the stairway of hell. I set it on a resistance of 3 and reluctantly worked out on it for 5 minutes. No 10 minutes yet. After that, I went and did some free weights. Usually on a week day, the free weight section of the gym is occupied by 6 or 7 highschool boys and a few older gentleman. I feel very awkward waddling over to their territory and lifting weights, especially since highschoolers are not always the nicest of people, so I tend to stick to cardio for most of my work out. Or at least until the highschoolers move over to the cardio machines, then I move.

Oh, and I forgot, Uncle B and Aunt Pat showed up.  I knew it was them when they were pulling up because Uncle B drives a maroon Subaru Outback hatchback. The perfect lesbian car in my opinion. You're not sure if it's feminine or masculine, but it's more masculine, just like them.

Like I was saying, after I was finished with my cardio, I was taking advantage of the vacant free weight section. Since the jeans guy was gone, it was just me and lesbians. I conciously to stay as far away from them as possible, but I kept a close eye on them incase they tried to pull any funny stuff. I know this is totally weird of me, but a few times I thought they were going to forget I was there and start making out or something. After that thought popped into my head, I couldn't look at them anymore. I turned my back to them and did a few lunges and other various free weight excersizes before taking off.

So something occured to me today that has periodically crossed my mind, but was disregarded. You know what? It is really hard to stay on a diet when you constantly have acid indigestion. No matter how much I eat, I constantly feel like I am starving severely. It doesn't just stop there, it gives me stomach aches, makes me very irritable and uncomfortable, more often then not, brings on headaches. It's getting rediculous. Fruits and vegetables are not good foods to eat when you have acid indigestion. Most of them have underlying acids in them (tomatoes for example), and I think green peppers, not sure. Fruits like apples, oranges...I have to eat starchy or milk based foods to subside the pains. Tums and Rolaids don't do anything, I may as well eat candy. I didn't really think much of it at first, but I was really thinking about it today, and I don't think I go one time in the day where I don't have it. Sometimes it's just not as bad and I don't really notice it, but most of the time its staggering. Especially in the morning around 5 am when Ben leaves for work, it usually starts to flare up. When I make my lunch in the morning, I base it around snacks I can eat to help my acid indigestion, not diet foods. It's like it's taking over my life. I don't have health insurance, I cannot afford to go to the doctor, so I don't know what to do.

So my weekend was fun.

Friday I got off work early to go pay some bills and go to a dreaded doctors appointment, only designed to violate women. So I once I was done being violated, I got home about 4:00, and Ben and I decided it would be fun to go out to eat. I suggest TGIF's because I've been dying for 'Sizzlin' Chicken and Cheese'. I don't care who you are, if you don't love this mind-blowing entree, you are missing out. Way out.

But Ben insisted that he wanted to go to Hamada instead. Which I NEVER object too. I feel like a princess when he brings me there. You sit at a table of 8, with a large griddle in the middle, and the cook prepares your dish right at your table. First you get salad, soup, then a hefty bowl of chicken fried rice, a large portion of noodles (the best noodles you'll ever taste), followed by 2 big scoops of fresh grilled veggies, and then your meat. I always get the Royal Delight, which is chicken and shrimp. If you ever go here, I suggest eating the seafood sauce (the light orange sauce), with everything. I always take home a huge box full because by the time I get my meat, I'm stuffed, so when I do put my food in a box to take home, I just pour it in and mix it with everything. You can't go wrong with it. It's a sweet peppery sauce and taste amazing on anything. I bet it even tastes good on ice cream. It's that good.  You will never find an entree there that is under $17.00. But it's so worth it. The place is very inviting, with a cozy romantic setting and the food is always great. Not just good, but great. Tony the Tiger style. I love going there. We've also been to Fuji's Japanese Steak House in Orland Park too, but Hamada of Japan tops it, and is in Tinley Park, so it's a lot closer.

Well the work day has come to a close.

I will elaborate more tomorrow, I'm going to the gym to work on my fitness, whenever it feels like presenting itself.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Ok, wow, this acid indigestion is really getting out of control. For lunch today, I had Subway. Turkey, ham, pickles, green peppers, light mayo, mustard, provolone, lettuce and spinach on honey oat bread. Later, I ate 4 rolaids, accompanied by a cup of a yogurt and a few slices of apple, followed by 2 tums. Wouldn't ya know it, I am still fighting the uncomfortable storm of the century going on my stomach right now and this started about 2 1/2 hours ago. I tried chugging water too, but I think that made it worse. What the hell man? I have been cutting WAY back on the drinking, so I can't blame it on beer. I have completely cut out drinking during the week, and even on the weekends I haven't been drinking that much. I'm almost bored with it...I can't believe I even just typed that, but I'm serious. That being said, I still can't figure out why the weight won't come off. What am I doing wrong?!?! Like I said, I've seriously cut back on the beer, and the beer I am drinking is Select 55, all I eat during the week is greens is moderate portions of anything, I've been working out harder...I mean, seriously? Is my metabolism asleep? I don't understand this. I mean, I'd be happy with 10 pounds at least, but I think I'm up to 7 now, in 2 fricking months? I'm 24 years old, what's the problem here?

I don't know what I have to do? Should I just drink chicken broth and water and quit my job and work out 8 hours a day and take laxatives and diet pills? Jeez!

I'm just so flustered. I wanted to get in moderately decent shape by the end of March for the wedding we have to go too, but apparently the fat that has suction cupped itself to my body isn't going to budge for awhile. So I guess my next goal is summer time. It really breaks my heart that I've virtually seen no response from my body yet. Everytime I feel like I'm thinning out a little, my jeans never get bigger. Infact I think they've gotten a little tighter. Maybe I'm building muscle and it's just disguising itself as fat...but muscles don't jiggle, so keep dreaming Brittney.

Oh well. I'm going to go to the gym today and work on something that won't ever happen.

Oh, and I bought an 'Emery Cat' scratcher for Poster...It's an 'As seen on TV' product. His nails are out of control, and I decided to buy this for him because it's supposed to naturally file his nails, hence the name, 'Emory Cat'. I waited for over a month for this thing, and when it finally came last night...HE DIDN'T EVEN LIKE IT.


The 'Emory Cat' also came with a little feathery bopper toy...which he demolished, ripped apart, broke in half, within the first 10 minutes, then slept with it.

Poster = me punching.

Have a grand day everyone.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Peace Tea and Cat pictures

So I was at Phillips 66 yesterday in Peotone, getting a fiber bar and something to drink when I discovered a new thing called, "Peace Tea". It is definately a rip off of Arizona, and is $.99 like Arizona, but something about it intrigued me. I guess it's the can, because I don't even really like tea in a can that much. But now, I feel compelled to buy one every day and collect the cans. It has a variety of flavors, all straight out of Corona, California and 150 calories per can, (it tried to trick me by saying 50 calories, but then it said 3 servings per can, sneaky sneaky).

But it's good and it's waking me up from my yawning fit I've been having all morning. It's such a bummer that it's warming up now, but then the clouds have to move in and ruin what could be the first perfect day of the year. The clouds make me feel so blah. The sun always perks me up.

So I went to the gym again last night. I started out by going on the demon stairwell of hell. I only managed 6 1/2 minutes though. It is a personal goal for me to surpass even 10 minutes on that machine because it is so rediculously difficult, even on a low setting. It just makes me mad. So mad. I guess a good way to describe it to those of you who have never been on one, put ankle weights on, and go up and down a flight of stairs for 5 minutes, occasionally changing speed. Sure, you think about it and you're like 'They are just stairs, what's your problem?' Yeah, do it consistantly without stopping for 5 minutes, then you'll eat your thoughts.

Afterwards I went on the swinging elliptical for 21 minutes on an 18 resistance setting. I really had to work through the pain, but I did it. I was sweating like a Bill Gates at an Apple convention, but I did it. I didn't do any weight lifting afterwards, I feared I may have passed out.

So again, no tread mill. But I hate them so very much. I just look at them in disgust like that one skank in every bar. I can't really tell you why I hate them so much...I don't know if it's because we are moving but going nowhere? I don't know if it's the fear of tripping and flying off? Or the fact that my ipod earbuds shock me from the friction of my shoes on the belt, or my legs rubbing together? I JUST DON'T KNOW. I do like running outside though. I like the fresh air, and the free reign to go anywhere and everywhere. I know on the ellipticals you move but go nowhere too, but they offer swinging and gliding motions, which are easier on your feet balls and knees. I think that's why I like them better. Who knows? The mind is a mysterious and advanced organ, so sometimes you can't explain things that go on in there, you just do them.

Speaking of mysterious minds...'Crazy' sent me an e-mail last night of a picture of a cat. I have not talked to her in a solid week. She does remind me every morning that she called fed ex for me, but I don't know why because it's not even my job. Without even looking at her I just say, 'k'. I guess she thinks that since I'm the receptionist that calling fed ex is my job. However, I was never told this was my specific duty, I figured that whoever prepares a fed ex, calls for a pick up. But I guess she thinks that anything having to do with mail is my job because sterotypically, it's the receptionist's job? I honestly couldn't tell you. She is crazy, so I have no idea what goes on in that noggin of psychosis. Either way, she sent me a picture of a cat last night, and I don't know what I'm supposed to do with it, so I deleted it. Is that her way of trying to make amends for almost getting us fired? Sending out pictures of cats? A sorry would have possibly helped a little, but I suppose that crazy people have all kinds of ways to communicate, whether it be finger painting, or sending pictures of cats to people. I'll never know.

I do love cats though. I miss my Big Cat. He's just a big furry, bundle of fun who overeats and is scared of the world but I love him. Poster is as much fun right now as a baby just learning to walk. Apparently, he's just recently discovered that he is a cat, and it's a cat's nature to jump. On everything. We have a little plastic candy dish on our counter, and he loves to get Kisses out of it and leave them around the apartment. But the jumping isn't even really a big deal to me...it's those claws! Those damn dagger claws that could slice through sheet metal. I look like a suicide patient the way I have cuts, gashes and scars all over my hands and arms. But I still love him. He's our beautiful little Norwegian Forest Child.

Well that's all for today maybe...I might come back later.

Have a good one ya'll. Go out and enjoy this weather if your not stuck in an office like me:(

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Iron Skillet Comedy Show

Well I lied. I did not go on a treadmill yesterday, because they were all full. And you'll never guess who took the last two...yep...those damn lesbians. First they take valuable time from me on the lesbian elliptical, but now the freakin' treadmills?! Man. Uncle B even came over while I was working on the row boat machine and stole my sanitizer spray we are required to use after using a machine. She promptly returned it without saying a word or even looking at me. It was a little strange. Come to think of it, there was another awkward set of lesbians in there too at the same time. These lesbians are my age though, and one of them kept following me with her eyes wherever I went and had this creepy half grin on her face, while doing leg lifts. She wasn't even really working out though, every so often she would just do a lift and then sit and grin and look around. It was SO WEIRD. That place just attracts weirdos.

So I went on the satanic stair stepper yesterday for 10 minutes, yes you read right, 10 minutes at a level 5. That is a tough machine, but I'm getting better at it. I burned 88 calories in 10 minutes on that unpleasant, rotating demon stairwell. Afterwards, I did a few different arm machines, and 30 reps on the crunchie machine. I ended my work out by going on the swinging elliptical for 13 minutes, 5 of those 13 was on resistance of 25. I definately felt that when I was done.  I finished up by weighing in for the Biggest Loser competition. Christina, an employee, had to take my stats, and I could tell she felt awkward weighing me, since she isn't a nurse, so I said, "I can help you..." I put it to where I figured it would be and we shared an awkard girly giggle. Not because of my weight, but because I could tell that she knew how I was feeling, and even said, "I hate these things, I refuse to get on one." I replied, "Eh, I've just gotten over the fear of these things." We shared another little dorky giggle and I left. I plan on going back in tonight and dominating the stairstepper once again. Maybe I should start my work outs more often with the stair stepper.

So, how was everyone's weekend? Mine was interesting. Friday night, Ben and I decided we would stay in so that we could partake in Saturday's events instead, so we sat on the couch and flipped through the channels while sipping some cocktails. Well my cocktail was a Select 55, and his was Vanilla Smirnoff and some sort of fruity pop. Sitting on the couch can obviously get rather boring after awhile, so we were both getting pretty tired, Ben had actually quit drinking at this point. Suddenly he asks me, "Hey--Wanna go to the Skillet?" As in, The Iron Skillet. Yes! Of course I do! So we throw on some clothes and head over to the truck stop paradise for some late night face stuffing. I actually really love this place despite the crowd it draws.

So we strolled in, half hour past 11, looking like the classiest people in the joint. For whatever reason unbeknown to me, we sat down at a table nearest to the only other occupants in the booths. Along the winders--excuse me, windows, there is a long row of booths. Probably 25 or so long, the buffet is in the middle, and then there are tables surrounding it. The rapist, pedophiles' and truckers all sit closest to the door at the tables. I would assume they sit there to have easier access to it when they need to flee from the police if need be. The prostitutes, pimps and men courting the prostitutes sit on the opposite side of the restaurant from the rapist, pedophiles and truckers. I assume this is to avoid mixing these crowds for reasons that I will leave to your imagination. The booths along the windows is where the drunk people sit. Drunks of all sorts, old drunks, young drunks, social drunks, slightly drunks, etc...The reason this could be is because from the booths, you have a view of the entire restaurant, so it allows you a smorgasbord of toothless wonders to make fun of.

Ben and I felt into the category of slightly drunk. Well me anyway, Ben hadn't drank for a few hours. Like I was saying, we sat next to the only other occupants sitting by the windows. After we sat down, we immediately regretted our decision. There were 4 people sitting in the booth in behind us. One of them looked mentally challenged with coke bottle glasses and a terrible comb over, another of them was an older blonde woman shaped like an unattractive pear, presumably his wife or girlfriend. The couple across from them was another, younger woman shaped like a very large, dimply, unattractive pear and dressed like a Mexican, but wasn't Mexican.

They were hootin' and hollerin' and kept saying things like, "I bet er'ybody thinks wer drunk, but we aint! Ahuylk-huylk-hulk!' and 'People must think we on some drugs! AHUYLK!' The mentally challenged man kept getting up and was pretending to 'look for something' but instead he would always just turn and stare at our table. Not at us, but literally at the table. The only thing that I think he may have been looking at was an outdated (by like 10 years) ad for a Nokia prepaid cell phone that was sticking out of our ketchup caddy, so I took it out and hid it behind the broken coin operated 3x5 TV that sits on each table. He got up and turned to look for a third time, saw it was gone, and defeated, sat back down next to dumbo.

We just kept looking at each other and giggling like little kids who just played a prank on someone. That place is so entertaining past 9 pm! Seriously, I'm not even kidding, I love that place. Finally our waitress 'Sasquatch Tammy' brought us our food. I'm not really sure if her name is Tammy, but she looked like a Tammy, and she towered over us like the Sears tower, or the Bruce Willis tower or whatever it's name is now. She had on electric blue eye shadow, and way too much Sensual Amber perfume. I tried to be semi healthy with my order, so I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with cheese, it was supposed to be on a roll of some sort, Tammy wasn't sure. But what I got was a 8 inch long, fried chicken sandwich with 3 pieces of 1/2 inch thick cheddar cheese on a sesame seed loaf. I was a little taken back by this completely incorrect, 8000 calorie, beast of a sandwich, but I was so hungry, so I didn't care. I ate half, and a few fries. Ben got some kind of breakfast skillet thing, with an oversized egg, ham, gray sausage and cheese omelet with hash browns and toast. A piece of gray sausage had fallen onto the table, so we proceeded to examine it. The only conclusion we came up with was that, it was gray. That's about it.

By this time, the crowd of carnies behind us had moved the circus out, so we were all alone. Sasquatch Tammy had disappeared so the girl at the cash register had to guess our table...in fact she said, "Ok, so I'm going to guess your table...Chicken sandwich and meat lovers skillet?' We nodded. For some reason she thought it was really funny, but we didn't laugh, so she then said, 'Ok, I guess I was the only one that though that was funny..."

Apparently so...

It was just an overall, hilarious, entertaining trip to The Skillet, and I look forward to a trip back. I would highly suggest this place if you are looking for some decent beer munchie food and a few good laughs.

Have a nice day everyone.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Tim Burton and Gym Updates

Happy Monday. I know it's foggy and moist out today, but if you can look past it, it's almost 50 degrees today. That's a helluva happy Monday for me.

So most of the office drama has died down. Our supervisor decided that it was not that big of a deal, and did not ban our internet privaledges. Thank God, because most afternoons here are pretty dead and slow. Our busy period is in the morning and then we are all scratching our butts by 1 pm. Our supervisor did have a meeting last Thursday though. He brought up the 'anonymous' (even though he was well aware of who sent it) e-mail and said that if it would have been up to the president of the company, he'd have fired us all. Not for us using the internet, but because he's not a babysitter, and office drama is not tolerated. Luckily, our surpervisor is more forgiving and said that instead of that happening, if any of us have a problem with something, to go to him verbally, and not make it a huge ordeal. He said he doesn't want to know what we look up on the internet, he doesn't care about our childish drama, he just wants us to get our work done. So we were happy with that outcome. Nobody has even brought it to Crazy's attention that we know it was her, instead we've all chosen to simply ignore her--

OH! But I forgot something...Crazy told our supervisor on Thursday afternoon (after the meeting), that we were all being mean to her! Our supervisors assisstant told me this on Friday morning and I about flipped my lid. She almost got us all fired because of her little stunt, but now we're all supposed to feel bad for her? Are we in a fricking Sour Patch Kid commericial? I don't think that even realized the severity of what she did, and I think that's she's convinced herself that she really didn't do it. It's madness! She needs to take her tea and join the Mad Hatter and the Hare for their tea party, she'd fit right in.

Speaking of Alice in Wonderland, we saw this on Saturday in Disney Digital 3D. Sadly, I was a little dissapointed. If Johnny Depp hadn't graced us all with his beauty in that movie, it would have flopped. He really pulled it all together. I absolutely LOVE Tim Burton, and have simply adored his disturbing and artistic style since 'The Nightmare before Christmas', but shame on him. The first 45 minutes of the movie was incredibley confusing, and the only reason I think people could follow it was because, duh, it's a classic, and anybody who's anybody knows the story of Alice in her Wonderland. Plus there was a lot of mumbling in it, and I heard people around me asking their friends, "What are they talking about?" and I had asked Ben that at least 4 times as well. So I'd give it probably a 3 out of 5, and I'm willing to give Tim Burton another shot, since I have seen almost all of his movies (Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Batman, Batman Returns, James and the Giant Peach, Mars Attacks, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Nightmare Before Christmas, Sleepy Hollow, Big Fish--a masterpeice in my opinion, and of course, Alice in Wonderland). 


Back to the orginial point of my blog...gym updates.

As I said before, I signed up for the Biggest Loser competition that they have going on now. Weigh in is this week, so I really need to kick it up in to high gear for the next 3 months. I will win that contest. I don't even care about the free month, I just want that victory. I want to put my ogre back where it belongs.

In the past 2ish months, I've only lost 6 pounds. Good for me I guess, but only 6?!!!!!!!!!! (emphasize the exclaimation points here)...that's kind of pathetic. I know losing weight is hard but seriously 6?
So I'm going to step it up now. I'm going to work out longer, with higher resistance, and I've made a comprimise with myself to run on the treadmill too as part of my workout. I hate the treadmill. I'd prefer to run outside...but I've decided that if I want this to happen, I need to quit subconiously slacking. Running is a key excersize unforunately.

By the way, not to get off subject here, but what is with those guys at the gym who just stand in the back by the weights and check themselves out in the mirror? There are two types of these: 1) They are always wearing a gay little wife beater tank top (usually an old Zepplin or ZZ Top tee from 1982 that was converted into a tank top over time simply by ripping the sleeves off and severely growing out it), a blue or red bandana, MC hammer parachute pants, complete with a pair of dirty Reboks from 1994. They are always talking on a cell phone, and flexing in front of everything that offers a reflection. or 2) A DJ of some sort, or a greasy 'jersey shore' wannabe, who doesn't even work out, but just stands in the back, in a pair of adidas pants, adidas shoes, adidas tee, an adidas sweatband, talking on the phone and occasionally beating at the punching bag. He will wonder around the gym, sit on a weight machine, but never uses it, just continues talking to his bimbo, big-boobed, cheating whore, girlfriend about how cool his car is. He will stop in front of all the mirrors and flex a little bit, then check out his hair. What's up with these guys? At least the guys under the number 1 category attempt to work out and offer some visual entertainment with their outfits, the number 2 guys are just douches. Why don't you just work out in sweet souped-up Dodge Neon with the blue LED lights in the undercarraige, and illegal tinted windows? Douche.

For breakfast, I had a bowl of almond vanilla Special K and a Fit and Active blueberry granola bar. For lunch, I am having a salad with a Fit and Active, fat free, yogurt smoothie, and a little thing of leftover baked beans (In Jillians book, I was advised to eat lots of beans and I haven't been, so bring on the gas I suppose). For snacks, I brought a fat free, Fit and Active cheese stick (I love the Fit and Active stuff because it taste no different from big named brands, and is cheap), a banana, and a small bag of caramel rice cakes.

Tonight I plan on working out as much as I can and I'm going to try and go 4 days a week from now on.

As for Uncle B and Big Pat...I haven't seen them the last few times I've been there. I assume they are on vacation in Indiana, at a Skoal tobacco convention, hanging out with other lesbians in assless chaps and such, or whatever a lesbian would wear at a Skoal convention if one exsisted.

......6 pounds...really?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Crazies with a capitol C.

Hello blog.

I would like to start out by saying that much to my misfortune, I have to have the most insane co-worker in the state of Illinois.  I have met a lot of crazy ones, but this one, by far, tops my list. If I had a list, she would be number 1, written in red ink, highlighted, circled, and surrounded by tiny asterisks.

We have two newer employees. One sits in such a way that 'Crazy' can see her computer on a daily basis. 'Crazy' has decided that she does not like this girl, so has had it out for her since she started. Which I will get too in a minute. 'Crazy' also gets very desperate when she feels she is not receiving enough attention from our boss. I'm starting to believe that she has a weird secret boss-crush on him, because whenever she thinks he is giving me attention, or being nice to me, she asks me a series of questions about it. Our conversations often look something like this (this is via Yahoo Instant Messenger, btw):

Crazy: Did Mr. Reddy give you a hard time about being 5 minutes late this morning?
Me: No, he usually doesn't.
Crazy: Why?
Me: I don't know.
Crazy: Why don't you know?
Me: Why would I?
Crazy: Well whenever I am late he always says something to me about it.
Me: ok.
Crazy: That is bullshit, why would he give me a hard time and not you?
Me: I have no idea.
Crazy: Maybe I should just quit then, then what would you do?
Me: huh?
Crazy: If I quit, you guys would be lost and wouldn't have any idea what to do! It's such bull that I put up with so much here and get no recognition.
Me: ok.
Crazy: Ok? Is that all you have to say?
Me: I don't know what you want me to say?
Crazy: Figures.
Me: What would you like me to say then?
Crazy: I shouldn't have to explain it to you, you obviously don't get it.
Me: You're right, I don't get it...why are you taking it out on me, what did I do?
Crazy: Why is this always about you? huh?
Me: what?
Crazy: You're just young, you don't understand.
Me: ok.

Yes, obviously this is not cut and paste, but I assure this is a very, very close simulation of a few of her desperate questions to me.  I've literally been in awe before because I have no fricken' clue was this crazy lady is going on about. There's been a countless amount of times that she has 'backed me into a corner' over the computer and put me under a spotlight. Here is a REAL conversation we've had:

Connie Rosenbrock: did you tell lynnette where to put her fed ex envelope? cuz its still on her desk
brittney windsor: no, i didn't know i needed to tell her all that stuff, nobody asked me til now
brittney windsor: she just asked me which box to mark when she came in here, i told her and she walked out
Connie Rosenbrock: oh
Connie Rosenbrock: y do you have to be told to offer help?
brittney windsor: i don't...
brittney windsor: i didn't realize she needed help
brittney windsor: she asked me a question and i told her, then you message me and ask if I called the fed ex in, so I did...why are you getting on my case?
Connie Rosenbrock: i'm not gettin on you
brittney windsor: did you offer to help her?
Connie Rosenbrock: no i didnt sorry i didnt jump at it. will do better
brittney windsor: well i'm asking because your asking me why i didn't offer too, but your sitting right next to her
Connie Rosenbrock: sorry i'll stop doing my work to help her
Connie Rosenbrock: i thought you werent busy
Connie Rosenbrock: sorry if you are
brittney windsor: I understand that you are frustrated with what your doing, but please don't take it out on me. If I would have been aware that she needed help, I would have offered. I cannot see her, she sits in a different room. I didn't know, sorry.
Connie Rosenbrock: i'm not frusterated with my work
Connie Rosenbrock: thanks for assuming
Connie Rosenbrock: i didnt care for the way you assumed i was on your case. i was just asking you questions to see if lynnette had everything she needed to know. i'm sorry i assumed you would offer help and not wait to have it asked of you.
brittney windsor: well it was rude of you to ask 'why you do have to be told when to help someone'
brittney windsor: why was that nessecary?
Connie Rosenbrock: you got that from what you threw at me.
brittney windsor: thank you for your attitude. let me know when you're done.
Connie Rosenbrock: ditto
Connie Rosenbrock: i got it first
brittney windsor: ummm, ok? no you didn't, but ok.
brittney windsor: i don't know how i was giving you attitude because I was answering you're questions, but ok, sure.
Connie Rosenbrock: "why are you getting on my case?"
Connie Rosenbrock: remember that?
Connie Rosenbrock: dont you have any work to do?
brittney windsor: i said that AFTER you asked me why i need to be told to help someone
brittney windsor: that was rude.
Connie Rosenbrock: cuz it amazes me how you cant help someone
brittney windsor: OMG
brittney windsor: ok
Connie Rosenbrock: without being told

Yeah, that's just one of many. She has a serious screw loose, a few of them. Anyway, so I will not try to explain how the desks are set up in here, but basically Crazy is facing a certain way where she can see Lynnette's computer (this newer person I was referring too earlier).

Crazy has been complaining to me lately about how it's not fair that the office is hiring someone to help Lynnette out with accounting. SHE should be the one who gets help because she works SO much, and is SO overworked, and 'has run this office by herself before' and blah blah blah. Most of the time when she talks I am not paying attention. She has only been here a few more months than me, but she acts as though she is an office manager and she most certainly is not. Us girls have different duties in the office. Crazy takes care of the graduates and exams, Lynnette is accounting, Rochelle and TJ are admissions, and I'm the general receptionist.  So, yesterday, being the melodramatic flake that she is, made a fake e-mail account and sent an e-mail to not only our supervisor, but to the President of the school as well. She explained in this e-mail that 'we as a team decided that it is not fair that Lynnette gets to neglect her work and sit on facebook all day". Which is completely false. I would never rat out, not only a friend, but something I am guilty of doing too. Except this E-mail is complete bull. I know for a fact Lynnette works really hard, as do I, when we have work to do. On our downtime, we are online. In fact, everyone in the office is browsing the web when we have down time, including Crazy herself. So today, all of us girls have been ignoring her, which I hope is driving her crazier, and our supervisor wants to have an employee meeting tomorrow, most likely banning us from the internet.

This is rediculous and maddening. She claims that she has fibromyalgia which is the cause of her 'hatred' and outlandish behavior. I, however think she is just insane which causes her to believe that she has fibromyalgia, when infact, she actually doesn't. This is bad to say, but I've had it with her. Beyond had it. I tried to warn these poor girls when they started that she is nuts, but I don't even think they had a clue. When I first started here, she manipulated me into thinking that she was a good and trustworthy person, and I was SO wrong. I listened to her when she drawled on for HOURS about her 'condition', and I tried to be supportive and helpful of something I knew nothing about. She would always turn right around and stab me in the back, so that's when I decided I didn't care anymore. I don't care about her, about her condition, about her sad, miserable life. I even asked her one time, 'how could you do that to a friend?' her response, 'we are not friends, we are co-workers'. BIG slap in the face for me. This was also after her car broke down and I drove 40 minutes out of my way every morning and night to give her a ride to and from work for a week. After she had a bad day, I dropped her off and I get a text message from her a few minutes later, "That fuckin bitch just now dropped my ass off", which she sent to me on accident, instead of her loser boyfriend. When I confronted her, that was the answer she gave me. She had given me $30 bucks, when I originally asked for $40, and then added afterwards, 'anyway, you got your money, you're good'.

So you can understand why I would be harsh in my 'not caring'. I have no reason to care about someone like her. No reason what so ever.

But anyway, I could on about her all day, but the work day is coming to a close.

I will update on my gym statistics later!