Monday, March 8, 2010

Tim Burton and Gym Updates

Happy Monday. I know it's foggy and moist out today, but if you can look past it, it's almost 50 degrees today. That's a helluva happy Monday for me.

So most of the office drama has died down. Our supervisor decided that it was not that big of a deal, and did not ban our internet privaledges. Thank God, because most afternoons here are pretty dead and slow. Our busy period is in the morning and then we are all scratching our butts by 1 pm. Our supervisor did have a meeting last Thursday though. He brought up the 'anonymous' (even though he was well aware of who sent it) e-mail and said that if it would have been up to the president of the company, he'd have fired us all. Not for us using the internet, but because he's not a babysitter, and office drama is not tolerated. Luckily, our surpervisor is more forgiving and said that instead of that happening, if any of us have a problem with something, to go to him verbally, and not make it a huge ordeal. He said he doesn't want to know what we look up on the internet, he doesn't care about our childish drama, he just wants us to get our work done. So we were happy with that outcome. Nobody has even brought it to Crazy's attention that we know it was her, instead we've all chosen to simply ignore her--

OH! But I forgot something...Crazy told our supervisor on Thursday afternoon (after the meeting), that we were all being mean to her! Our supervisors assisstant told me this on Friday morning and I about flipped my lid. She almost got us all fired because of her little stunt, but now we're all supposed to feel bad for her? Are we in a fricking Sour Patch Kid commericial? I don't think that even realized the severity of what she did, and I think that's she's convinced herself that she really didn't do it. It's madness! She needs to take her tea and join the Mad Hatter and the Hare for their tea party, she'd fit right in.

Speaking of Alice in Wonderland, we saw this on Saturday in Disney Digital 3D. Sadly, I was a little dissapointed. If Johnny Depp hadn't graced us all with his beauty in that movie, it would have flopped. He really pulled it all together. I absolutely LOVE Tim Burton, and have simply adored his disturbing and artistic style since 'The Nightmare before Christmas', but shame on him. The first 45 minutes of the movie was incredibley confusing, and the only reason I think people could follow it was because, duh, it's a classic, and anybody who's anybody knows the story of Alice in her Wonderland. Plus there was a lot of mumbling in it, and I heard people around me asking their friends, "What are they talking about?" and I had asked Ben that at least 4 times as well. So I'd give it probably a 3 out of 5, and I'm willing to give Tim Burton another shot, since I have seen almost all of his movies (Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Batman, Batman Returns, James and the Giant Peach, Mars Attacks, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, Nightmare Before Christmas, Sleepy Hollow, Big Fish--a masterpeice in my opinion, and of course, Alice in Wonderland). 


Back to the orginial point of my blog...gym updates.

As I said before, I signed up for the Biggest Loser competition that they have going on now. Weigh in is this week, so I really need to kick it up in to high gear for the next 3 months. I will win that contest. I don't even care about the free month, I just want that victory. I want to put my ogre back where it belongs.

In the past 2ish months, I've only lost 6 pounds. Good for me I guess, but only 6?!!!!!!!!!! (emphasize the exclaimation points here)...that's kind of pathetic. I know losing weight is hard but seriously 6?
So I'm going to step it up now. I'm going to work out longer, with higher resistance, and I've made a comprimise with myself to run on the treadmill too as part of my workout. I hate the treadmill. I'd prefer to run outside...but I've decided that if I want this to happen, I need to quit subconiously slacking. Running is a key excersize unforunately.

By the way, not to get off subject here, but what is with those guys at the gym who just stand in the back by the weights and check themselves out in the mirror? There are two types of these: 1) They are always wearing a gay little wife beater tank top (usually an old Zepplin or ZZ Top tee from 1982 that was converted into a tank top over time simply by ripping the sleeves off and severely growing out it), a blue or red bandana, MC hammer parachute pants, complete with a pair of dirty Reboks from 1994. They are always talking on a cell phone, and flexing in front of everything that offers a reflection. or 2) A DJ of some sort, or a greasy 'jersey shore' wannabe, who doesn't even work out, but just stands in the back, in a pair of adidas pants, adidas shoes, adidas tee, an adidas sweatband, talking on the phone and occasionally beating at the punching bag. He will wonder around the gym, sit on a weight machine, but never uses it, just continues talking to his bimbo, big-boobed, cheating whore, girlfriend about how cool his car is. He will stop in front of all the mirrors and flex a little bit, then check out his hair. What's up with these guys? At least the guys under the number 1 category attempt to work out and offer some visual entertainment with their outfits, the number 2 guys are just douches. Why don't you just work out in sweet souped-up Dodge Neon with the blue LED lights in the undercarraige, and illegal tinted windows? Douche.

For breakfast, I had a bowl of almond vanilla Special K and a Fit and Active blueberry granola bar. For lunch, I am having a salad with a Fit and Active, fat free, yogurt smoothie, and a little thing of leftover baked beans (In Jillians book, I was advised to eat lots of beans and I haven't been, so bring on the gas I suppose). For snacks, I brought a fat free, Fit and Active cheese stick (I love the Fit and Active stuff because it taste no different from big named brands, and is cheap), a banana, and a small bag of caramel rice cakes.

Tonight I plan on working out as much as I can and I'm going to try and go 4 days a week from now on.

As for Uncle B and Big Pat...I haven't seen them the last few times I've been there. I assume they are on vacation in Indiana, at a Skoal tobacco convention, hanging out with other lesbians in assless chaps and such, or whatever a lesbian would wear at a Skoal convention if one exsisted.

......6 pounds...really?

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