Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Crazies with a capitol C.

Hello blog.

I would like to start out by saying that much to my misfortune, I have to have the most insane co-worker in the state of Illinois.  I have met a lot of crazy ones, but this one, by far, tops my list. If I had a list, she would be number 1, written in red ink, highlighted, circled, and surrounded by tiny asterisks.

We have two newer employees. One sits in such a way that 'Crazy' can see her computer on a daily basis. 'Crazy' has decided that she does not like this girl, so has had it out for her since she started. Which I will get too in a minute. 'Crazy' also gets very desperate when she feels she is not receiving enough attention from our boss. I'm starting to believe that she has a weird secret boss-crush on him, because whenever she thinks he is giving me attention, or being nice to me, she asks me a series of questions about it. Our conversations often look something like this (this is via Yahoo Instant Messenger, btw):

Crazy: Did Mr. Reddy give you a hard time about being 5 minutes late this morning?
Me: No, he usually doesn't.
Crazy: Why?
Me: I don't know.
Crazy: Why don't you know?
Me: Why would I?
Crazy: Well whenever I am late he always says something to me about it.
Me: ok.
Crazy: That is bullshit, why would he give me a hard time and not you?
Me: I have no idea.
Crazy: Maybe I should just quit then, then what would you do?
Me: huh?
Crazy: If I quit, you guys would be lost and wouldn't have any idea what to do! It's such bull that I put up with so much here and get no recognition.
Me: ok.
Crazy: Ok? Is that all you have to say?
Me: I don't know what you want me to say?
Crazy: Figures.
Me: What would you like me to say then?
Crazy: I shouldn't have to explain it to you, you obviously don't get it.
Me: You're right, I don't get it...why are you taking it out on me, what did I do?
Crazy: Why is this always about you? huh?
Me: what?
Crazy: You're just young, you don't understand.
Me: ok.

Yes, obviously this is not cut and paste, but I assure this is a very, very close simulation of a few of her desperate questions to me.  I've literally been in awe before because I have no fricken' clue was this crazy lady is going on about. There's been a countless amount of times that she has 'backed me into a corner' over the computer and put me under a spotlight. Here is a REAL conversation we've had:

Connie Rosenbrock: did you tell lynnette where to put her fed ex envelope? cuz its still on her desk
brittney windsor: no, i didn't know i needed to tell her all that stuff, nobody asked me til now
brittney windsor: she just asked me which box to mark when she came in here, i told her and she walked out
Connie Rosenbrock: oh
Connie Rosenbrock: y do you have to be told to offer help?
brittney windsor: i don't...
brittney windsor: i didn't realize she needed help
brittney windsor: she asked me a question and i told her, then you message me and ask if I called the fed ex in, so I did...why are you getting on my case?
Connie Rosenbrock: i'm not gettin on you
brittney windsor: did you offer to help her?
Connie Rosenbrock: no i didnt sorry i didnt jump at it. will do better
brittney windsor: well i'm asking because your asking me why i didn't offer too, but your sitting right next to her
Connie Rosenbrock: sorry i'll stop doing my work to help her
Connie Rosenbrock: i thought you werent busy
Connie Rosenbrock: sorry if you are
brittney windsor: I understand that you are frustrated with what your doing, but please don't take it out on me. If I would have been aware that she needed help, I would have offered. I cannot see her, she sits in a different room. I didn't know, sorry.
Connie Rosenbrock: i'm not frusterated with my work
Connie Rosenbrock: thanks for assuming
Connie Rosenbrock: i didnt care for the way you assumed i was on your case. i was just asking you questions to see if lynnette had everything she needed to know. i'm sorry i assumed you would offer help and not wait to have it asked of you.
brittney windsor: well it was rude of you to ask 'why you do have to be told when to help someone'
brittney windsor: why was that nessecary?
Connie Rosenbrock: you got that from what you threw at me.
brittney windsor: thank you for your attitude. let me know when you're done.
Connie Rosenbrock: ditto
Connie Rosenbrock: i got it first
brittney windsor: ummm, ok? no you didn't, but ok.
brittney windsor: i don't know how i was giving you attitude because I was answering you're questions, but ok, sure.
Connie Rosenbrock: "why are you getting on my case?"
Connie Rosenbrock: remember that?
Connie Rosenbrock: dont you have any work to do?
brittney windsor: i said that AFTER you asked me why i need to be told to help someone
brittney windsor: that was rude.
Connie Rosenbrock: cuz it amazes me how you cant help someone
brittney windsor: OMG
brittney windsor: ok
Connie Rosenbrock: without being told

Yeah, that's just one of many. She has a serious screw loose, a few of them. Anyway, so I will not try to explain how the desks are set up in here, but basically Crazy is facing a certain way where she can see Lynnette's computer (this newer person I was referring too earlier).

Crazy has been complaining to me lately about how it's not fair that the office is hiring someone to help Lynnette out with accounting. SHE should be the one who gets help because she works SO much, and is SO overworked, and 'has run this office by herself before' and blah blah blah. Most of the time when she talks I am not paying attention. She has only been here a few more months than me, but she acts as though she is an office manager and she most certainly is not. Us girls have different duties in the office. Crazy takes care of the graduates and exams, Lynnette is accounting, Rochelle and TJ are admissions, and I'm the general receptionist.  So, yesterday, being the melodramatic flake that she is, made a fake e-mail account and sent an e-mail to not only our supervisor, but to the President of the school as well. She explained in this e-mail that 'we as a team decided that it is not fair that Lynnette gets to neglect her work and sit on facebook all day". Which is completely false. I would never rat out, not only a friend, but something I am guilty of doing too. Except this E-mail is complete bull. I know for a fact Lynnette works really hard, as do I, when we have work to do. On our downtime, we are online. In fact, everyone in the office is browsing the web when we have down time, including Crazy herself. So today, all of us girls have been ignoring her, which I hope is driving her crazier, and our supervisor wants to have an employee meeting tomorrow, most likely banning us from the internet.

This is rediculous and maddening. She claims that she has fibromyalgia which is the cause of her 'hatred' and outlandish behavior. I, however think she is just insane which causes her to believe that she has fibromyalgia, when infact, she actually doesn't. This is bad to say, but I've had it with her. Beyond had it. I tried to warn these poor girls when they started that she is nuts, but I don't even think they had a clue. When I first started here, she manipulated me into thinking that she was a good and trustworthy person, and I was SO wrong. I listened to her when she drawled on for HOURS about her 'condition', and I tried to be supportive and helpful of something I knew nothing about. She would always turn right around and stab me in the back, so that's when I decided I didn't care anymore. I don't care about her, about her condition, about her sad, miserable life. I even asked her one time, 'how could you do that to a friend?' her response, 'we are not friends, we are co-workers'. BIG slap in the face for me. This was also after her car broke down and I drove 40 minutes out of my way every morning and night to give her a ride to and from work for a week. After she had a bad day, I dropped her off and I get a text message from her a few minutes later, "That fuckin bitch just now dropped my ass off", which she sent to me on accident, instead of her loser boyfriend. When I confronted her, that was the answer she gave me. She had given me $30 bucks, when I originally asked for $40, and then added afterwards, 'anyway, you got your money, you're good'.

So you can understand why I would be harsh in my 'not caring'. I have no reason to care about someone like her. No reason what so ever.

But anyway, I could on about her all day, but the work day is coming to a close.

I will update on my gym statistics later!


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