Thursday, May 9, 2013

Most Hated and Most Loved products, Part II

So, awhile back, I did a 5 most loved, and 5 most hated products.  So, I decided to do a part 2. I was having a hell of a time coming up with 5 for both categories, so I have downsized to 4. Sorry to disappoint.

A short disclaimer with regards to the make-up/hair products I review:  I am not a hairdresser, I am not a make-up artist. I wish I was, but I'm not. I just love wasting countless dollars on beauty products, and reviewing them and painting my face with them, and gooping up my hair with them. Eventually, if I can figure out how to use the web cam on my computer, I want to start a video blog.

Did anyone try any of the products from before? I'm curious to know how they worked for you.

Once again, I will start with the bad, and end on the good.

1) Beyond Zone - Bada Bing Gel

Ok, I don't completely hate this one, but I don't have an in between list, so this made the hated. You can generally find Beyond Zone products at Sally's Beauty Store, so of course, they are in the $7 dollar range. As I've said before, I have pretty flat hair, so I got this gel to give my hair more volume. I made the mistake of using about a quarter sized amount of this pasty glue-like substance all over my head. Let's just say, it worked, but with consequences. My hair was...bigger - but it felt like hay. When I got done styling and straightening, my sink looked like it was going through puberty with all the bits of hair everywhere. I still use this gel, but instead, I avoid the roots on crown, and work it more underneath into the roots in the back to give more lift where it counts.

2) Secret Deodorant - Any Scent

For as far back as I can remember, I would wear Secret Deodorant, I mean, from the time I was starting to go through that awkward, smelly preteen phase until well into middle school, I was wearing Secret. I always thought that I just had overly active sweat glands or something because the stuff just didn't cut it. No matter which scent I used, it just smelled -- weird. It wasn't until I finally switched brands that I realized that Secret just sucks. Every scent, every kind (gel, powder, whatever), just smells bad. I loathe this deodorant. It may work for some people, but not for me. To clarify, if you use this, I'm not saying you smell bad, but some people's body chemistries just don't work with certain products. Hence, why a perfume that you LOVED on your friend, smells like farts on yourself. (I switched to Dove in case any of you are wondering - what a difference).

3) Febreze - Brilliant Spring Blossoms

This scent is awful. It's also the spray scent that is currently in our bathroom at work, so whenever I have to smell this, it's also mixed with an array of other smells, that leaves me thinking about my dad's favorite joke:

"A lady farts on an elevator, and sprays a pine scented spray she happened to have in her purse. A man gets on with her, and asks, 'What is that smell?", She replies "It's pine! You like it?' He says, "Smells like someone took a shit in a pine tree".

Needless to say, trying to comb through the scent of poo with the scent of flowers, results in the smell of someone pooping in flowers. A little tip, matches work much better. The irony? We have an economy pack of this scent from Sam's club, readily on hand for at least, the next year.  (My favorite Febreze scent? Vanilla Lavender and Comfort).

4) Victoria Secret - Love Spell

Please stop wearing this. It smells like barf. Seriously. (My favorite scent? Bombshell)

Now for the good!

1) Baby Lips by Maybelline

These little beauties, are basically chap stick in a fancy little casing. They come in different shades, and go on with just a little bit of tint. I have 3 of them right now. Best part, they are inexpensive, and you can get them the dollar store.

2) Urban Decay Deluxe Eyeshadow Box & Marisopa Palette

For the longest time, I was wanting an Urban Decay palette. Having an obsession with make-up, it seemed necessary that I own at least one. Urban Decay is one of the best brands out there, and for good reason, but I could not bring myself to spend $40-50 on one palette. A co-worker brought to my attention recently, that Ulta had a sale going on and these two pallets were marked down from $40 a piece, to $13 and $15, PLUS a free shipping code for mother's day. I could not pass it up. I bought both, with tax, for $28. The top palette also came with a primer. I am SO in love with both of these. The primer keeps the shadow in place, and is a light texture. It's not greasy, and dries almost instantly. I thought maybe the fact that they were marked down so low meant they weren't very good, but it certainly didn't. I wanted to use all the colors at once, but Ben probably wouldn't have let me leave the house, and I would have tried. As I said, it's expensive for good reasons. I noticed that with some off brand eye shadows, it takes a million coats to coat my eyelids how I want them and has a rougher texture. This glides right on, is very smooth, and a little goes a long way. What colors you see in the palette, are exactly the colors that you see when applied. Easy to blend, and awesome colors. The applicator brush in the bottom picture works great for applying and blending, which is a big plus for me. So, if you are ever standing in Ulta, staring at something you want, and circling it around it like you're going to tackle it, (like I always do), any Urban Decay make-up is going to be worth the money, so keep that in mind.

3) Got2B Sexy Volume Hairspray

You guys know I love Got2B products, and this is just another for the list. Perfect for teasing, and body and smells really good. Says it's super hold, but it still gives enough flexibility to use for pretty much any style. When I showed this to Ben (who never cares), I told him that this will give me big sexy hair. He just shook his head. Men don't understand.

4) Suave Products

I kept seeing these commercials, comparing Suave products to professional salon products, so I decided to put them to the test. I bought Suave volumizing shampoo, dry shampoo, root lifter, sleek anti-frizz cream, and shine spray. I just have to say, that Suave lived up to their slogan. I LOVE all of these. I use at least one of them daily. The only complaint I have is that the dry shampoo smells a little too...citrusy to the point that it's overwhelming. One thing is for sure though, I will always keep dry shampoo on hand. It really does work wonders for those days you just REALLY don't feel like washing your hair.

So that, my friends, are my current hated and loved products. There are a lot of things that I could have added to the "loved" section of this post, but there really is no appropriate descriptions for them. Therefore, I leave you with food! Food I love of course!

1. Archer Farms organic black corn chips with flax seed (Found at Target and awesome with the Archer Farms salsas - and to answer your question, no, these do not give you uncontrollable bowels because they have flax seed in them. The bag is also resealable so they last a lot longer then regular brands.)

2) Vitacoco - Coconut Water (For the acquired taste. I did not like this at first, but it grows on you).

3) Near East Couscous (An alternative to rice - better in my opinion. I make this ALL the time.)

4) Thomas' English Muffins - Whole Grain (I make an egg muffin for myself every morning. This is a household necessity for me)

As usual, any comments, suggestions, or your own products you'd like to add, leave them below!

Disclaimer: I purchase all of these products on my own, and am not paid for my opinions on these products. With the exception of the pictures I personally take, the pictures are simply used for enjoyment and I do not take any rights or own any of the stock photos used.