Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August Birchbox! Vlog edition.

I got my August Birchbox yesterday! Wheeee!!!
All of the information about how to get your own is in the video info, as well as product information for July and August.
If you actually watched this video, you will understand the pic below...
Once I got back downstairs...
This is more of lipstain actually. My skin is not actually Simpson's yellow, my bathroom doesn't have the best lighting. Overall, you only need a TINY bit of this to achieve a good color and it is not slimy or pasty like some lipglosses.
Hope you enjoyed:)
Peace, love, and kitty cats,

Thursday, August 8, 2013

My Favorites and 'Hate-its' for July, and Weight Loss Update!

Howdy doody frans,

I realize it's August 9, so a July favs post a little late, sorry. Last week, I tried a vlog and I realize that it was probably somewhat awkward to watch and I seemed so...dorky or something. I dunno. I feel like I have a much more outgoing personality so the video did not capture me realistically. Or maybe it did, I don't really know. I just know that my camera is an asshat and I literally had to redo that video 5 times. Originally, I had recorded the PERFECT one, that I was extremely proud of, and I accidentally deleted it. So you can imagine my reaction to that. By the time I was done, it was past my bedtime, I was hot, and irritated. I plan on trying another video to do a Birchbox unboxing, and possibly one tomorrow since I have a day off. Another thing I learned, is that I really do have a 'Chicago accent' as I've been told many times while out of state. So weird watching yourself in a video...

So considering I just posted a whole crap load of make-up just recently, I haven't really went out and bought a whole lot more, because, well I don't need it. I WANT every piece of make-up I see, but that would require bills not being paid, and if we don't pay no tolls, we don't eat no rolls. So, I'm going to post the little favs and hates I have for this post.

Hopefully everyone caught that 'Men In Tights' reference.

My favorites:

Degree Expert Protection, Motion Sense, Cotton Fresh ($3.79 at Target)

I hate buying deodorants because I feel like I can never find one that I love. I know, I'm weird because who really cares so much about this? WELL, I DO! Nobody likes to stink. At least I don't think so? I went with this the other day because my Dove Grapefruit and Lemongrass just wasn't cutting it anymore. First off, this smells amazing. It says 'cotton fresh', but smells like tanning lotion. It legitimately smells like a fresh summer day, and the best part, is that it smells EXACTLY the same, on sweaty or not. I'll be walking around sometimes and I catch a whiff of myself and I'm like, dang, I smell good. As far as lasting power, I bought this during a hot and humid week here in Chicago, and it works so well for me! I usually keep a few deodorants on hand in case I don't like the current one I'm using, but after a few days of wear, I threw them all out. This is my shiny armpit star in the medicine cabinet now.

Dove Hair Therapy, Refresh + Care, Dry Shampoo ($3.79 at Target)

From what I gather, there are a lot of mixed reviews on dry shampoo. Personally, I think that if you can find the right kind of dry shampoo for your hair, that you can have success in using it. For those of you who have never tried dry shampoo, it's a liquid powder that you spray into the roots of your hair to absorb oil when you don't have time to wash. Since it is powder that you are spraying, it can sometimes leave a gray coloring in your hair. This doesn't bother me though. I like to find the humor in it and imagine that it's what I will look like when I get old. BUT, if this is an issue for you, you can get colored dry shampoos. I know Ulta has them. I was going to buy one of them, but I didn't care much for the smell so I decided to give Dove a try. If you've ever used Dove shampoos or hairsprays, you already know how crazy good their products smell. Not only does this dry shampoo work fantastic with my hair, but it smells SO. GOOD. I was even using this after a wash and style, just because of the smell. You can also use this if you want to add a little bit of volume to your roots. Your hair does not necessarily HAVE to be dirty to use this, but I would not make a habit of that. If you're constantly putting a drying agent on your hair to absorb oil, your skin is going to want to produce more oil. I love, love, love this, and give it an A+ for not only working, but smelling ahhhh-mazing. Perfect for those lazy days at home when you just don't feel like showering;-)

E.L.F Studio Kabuki Face brush (6.00)

Good news, ELF is sold in Wal-mart now. I saw it there other day on one of my adventures. This was most likely before I left my cart randomly in the middle of the store because I was so pissed off that I just left. So I'm not really sure if that is good news actually. Wal-mart itself is not a bad store, but the people that go there are just...awful. I don't know what the difference is between Wal-mart and other department stores, but it's just maddening trying to maneuver a cart through that circus. I go there simply because it's closer to me then other stores, but I always regret it half way through. Target also sells it, and I've noticed that they are stocking more of it now instead of just a few lipsticks and eyeshadows. This brush is my favorite. It's perfect for applying pressed and loose powders. I was having a hard time wearing bronzer for awhile because the sponges and brushes I was applying it with was making it look more like random bruising on my face because it was not being evenly distributed. This brush has changed all of that for me. It's MUCH cheaper then most other brands, and although I have not tried any of the expensive brands, this one works just fine for me. I have not had any issues with the brush shedding, and it's very soft and wide so it evenly spreads and blends products. (Note: Does not work with liquids!)

 Rimmel, Natural Bronzer + Natural Minerals ($4.99 at Ulta)

...That being said, the bronzer I have been using is this one. The kabuki brush literally covers the entire top of this, so I give it a few spins and just brush it all over my face until I have the desired color I want. I am very fair, and this color in the picture is the one I use at home. It's very buildable, doesn't look orangey, and gives nothing but a healthy glow. I use this not only on my face, but my neck and chest. Everything has to match of course.

BigHealthyHair Soy Leave-in Conditioner ($16.95 at Ulta - I would check Ebay and Amazon for cheaper deals!)

This leave-in conditioner is so nice for people like me who have thinner, damaged hair. I spray this in before styling and it leaves my hair feeling really soft and smooth without feeling weighed down or dingy. This also works as a detangler. Unfortunately, since this is part of the 'sexy hair' line (I really hate the word sexy - I hate it as bad as I hate 80's hairdos), it is on the expensive side. If you want to try it first, they sell travel sizes of these at Ulta for $6, which is what I bought the first time. No sense in spending a buttload of money on something you may end up not liking.

Wet N Wild Color Icon Pencil in Black ($2.00)
I have a favorite in Wet N Wild and a Hate-it, which is right underneath this, but these pencils are awesome. Seriously, for the money, you'd be surprised at how well these work. They really live up to the claim of having a smooth formula, and it stays on ALL day. It's very smooth and soft when applying, and even after I wash my face at night, I usually have to wipe this off with a make-up removing wipe.

My 'Hate-Its' for this post:

Wet N' Wild Mega Eyes Defining Marker Eyeliner ($3.00 at Target)

I am not a fan of liquid liners, AT ALL. It could very well be because I SUCK at applying them, but I also just do not like liquid on my eyelids. It just feels so...itchy and cold. For the sake of my curiosity and for reviewing purposes, I try them, and always end up hating them. I bought this Mega Eyes marker to see if maybe this could serve as a practicing tool for future liquid eyeliner uses. First off, this is literally a marker. I could give this marker to one of the kids next door and they could color with it. Second, it stabs your eyelid violently while trying to scrape it across your top lid and by the time I'm done 'perfecting' (if that's what you want to call it) my line, I'm so frustrated about my eye hurting that I don't want to do the other eye. Once I finally get through that nonsense, the eyeliner itself, does look ok and seems to stay on for awhile but I can't get past the whole marker thing. I thought it was going to be a soft tip (that's what she said), but it's not. This post is just going to keep going downhill with the word tip, so I'm gonna stop it right here.

Maybelline ColorStudio Tattoo 24 hour Eyeshadow, Tough as Taupe ($5.94 at Wal-mart)

I saw a lot of really good reviews on this eyeshadow, but I have to disagree. It's a cream eyeshadow, so my assumption was that it was going to go on smooth and blend nicely, but it was really cakey, and did not blend well at all. You know how when your nailpolish is not dry, and won't try for 3 hours because you painted over a wet topcoat? So then it turns into a clay like substance that shapes and molds all over the place and you angrily scratch it all off? That's how I felt with this. It just smudged all over my eyelid like clay. I even tried to use smudging and blending brushes to apply this and I felt like it just got stuck on the brush. I pictured the texture of this being much different. That being said, I WOULD like to try and get a different color of this. I know you're like...

BUT, the other colors look shimmery and sparkly, and this literally looks like clay. I'm not giving up on this yet, but so far, not a fan.

Pantene Curling Mousse

I like to occasionally sprunch, crunch, curl, twirl, whatever my hair. My trick is to wash/condition my hair upside down in the shower, towel dry, and then apply my curling products to my damp hair, blow dry upside down with a diffuser, and then flip my hair back and forth (with absolutely no influence from Will Smith's daughter) and apply my hairsprays and texturizing creams. It's quite a process. I like to try different curling products in my hair. Pantene did not make my good list this time. The first time I used this, it left my hair completely crunchy and crispy feeling. I thought maybe it was because I had used some Aussie sprunch spray as well, so I used it again by itself the next day. No difference, still crunchy. When I use curling foams, I like soft waves and this did not make the cut. I switched to Garnier Fructis curling spray gel recently. I will let you know how that works.

Perfume shout-out:

I love clean smelling perfumes and this one is perfect for that. It's just a very fresh, clean, and in my opinion, intoxicating scent that I can't get enough of!

That's really all I have for this post. By the way, if there are any recommendations, or things you would like me to try/review, you can comment below, or get a hold of me on Facebook. I love trying new products.

Since this blog was originally a weight loss blog, I figured from time to time, I can post a weight loss update. I had hit a plateau awhile back (around January or so), and that scale just would NOT move. Ben had actually gotten me a treadmill for Christmas (which was seriously the best gift ever), so I wanted to really take full advantage of it. I started trying to run 1-2 miles every other day, versus doing 5 miles, one day a week at the gym (Loved working out, hated going to the gym! I quit the gym a week after Christmas, btw).

Finally the scale started to move in the right direction again (down). 7 months later, I'd lost 12 more pounds. The past 2 weeks, I've been getting my butt out of bed every morning at 6 and doing my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred dvd, followed by a 1 mile run. I wore my heart monitor watch today to show you the result of my morning workout, followed by a typical full body mirror shot. I would HIGHLY encourage you to purchase one of these watches. It's one of the best purchases I've made for myself in a long time. I use it constantly, and you can wear it anywhere. I forgot to mention in my review of this watch, that it's also waterproof.

I went to the doctor recently, and found out that my home scale was actually 4 pounds off, so my final "weigh-in" today, is 135, and I'm back in a size 7. My ultimate goal is 125, but I will settle with 129 because it's just under 130 ;-)

That is the first time I've posted my number for public viewing. I have nothing to hide at this point. The only way to encourage others to help themselves is to put yourself out there. I'm sure a lot people come here and still have bad things to say, but I don't care. They are not my friends and I am really over caring what people think. Do what is good FOR YOU.

Sorry for the mess. It's the cats/storage room.
What I'm listening too this week:

In general...

Hopeless Wanderer - Mumford and Sons

Came Back Haunted - Nine Inch Nails

For working out...

Dirty South & Thomas Gold - Eyes Wide Open (Feat. Kate Elsworth)

Dirty South - City of Dreams (Shotek remix)

Disclaimer: I purchase all of these products on my own, and am not paid for my opinions on these products. With the exception of the pictures I personally take, the pictures are simply used for enjoyment and I do not take any rights or own any of the stock photos used.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Plato's Closet Haul - Vlog alert

I finally busted out my camera and decided to record my blog, versus type it, based on my recent experience at Plato's Closet. I have yellow pants on.

Such a beautiful thumbnail they pick for me!
But, if you can't laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at?