Monday, March 15, 2010

Hamada of Japan

Well I tried to do a little updating on this thing, and all I managed to do was put on a new background, and blow up my picture to an annoyingly large size. I can't get it back now.

You'll have to excuse my rage in the last post, I let my anger get the best of me. I failed to realize that losing weight takes time. I've been steadily gaining it for the past 4 years, so it's going to take time to get it off. But sometimes you just gotta vent, you know?

I didn't give up. In fact it just made me want to do it that much more. I went to the gym 4 days last week, all at about an hour a peice. Except Sunday I went for an hour an a half. The gym was virtually empty at first, just me and an older man working out in jeans. Ouch. So I finally manned up and went on the treadmill. For 4 minutes. Then I was reminded why I hate the the treadmill so much, so I got off. I did run on it however, but only for 4 minutes before I thought to myself, "I really hate treadmills".

I moved on to the swinging elliptacle on a resistance of 15 for 20 minutes, and then moved it to a resistance of 20 for 10 minutes. Austin Powers was on so I just watched that for a half hour before finally getting off, sweaty and numb and moved onto the stairway of hell. I set it on a resistance of 3 and reluctantly worked out on it for 5 minutes. No 10 minutes yet. After that, I went and did some free weights. Usually on a week day, the free weight section of the gym is occupied by 6 or 7 highschool boys and a few older gentleman. I feel very awkward waddling over to their territory and lifting weights, especially since highschoolers are not always the nicest of people, so I tend to stick to cardio for most of my work out. Or at least until the highschoolers move over to the cardio machines, then I move.

Oh, and I forgot, Uncle B and Aunt Pat showed up.  I knew it was them when they were pulling up because Uncle B drives a maroon Subaru Outback hatchback. The perfect lesbian car in my opinion. You're not sure if it's feminine or masculine, but it's more masculine, just like them.

Like I was saying, after I was finished with my cardio, I was taking advantage of the vacant free weight section. Since the jeans guy was gone, it was just me and lesbians. I conciously to stay as far away from them as possible, but I kept a close eye on them incase they tried to pull any funny stuff. I know this is totally weird of me, but a few times I thought they were going to forget I was there and start making out or something. After that thought popped into my head, I couldn't look at them anymore. I turned my back to them and did a few lunges and other various free weight excersizes before taking off.

So something occured to me today that has periodically crossed my mind, but was disregarded. You know what? It is really hard to stay on a diet when you constantly have acid indigestion. No matter how much I eat, I constantly feel like I am starving severely. It doesn't just stop there, it gives me stomach aches, makes me very irritable and uncomfortable, more often then not, brings on headaches. It's getting rediculous. Fruits and vegetables are not good foods to eat when you have acid indigestion. Most of them have underlying acids in them (tomatoes for example), and I think green peppers, not sure. Fruits like apples, oranges...I have to eat starchy or milk based foods to subside the pains. Tums and Rolaids don't do anything, I may as well eat candy. I didn't really think much of it at first, but I was really thinking about it today, and I don't think I go one time in the day where I don't have it. Sometimes it's just not as bad and I don't really notice it, but most of the time its staggering. Especially in the morning around 5 am when Ben leaves for work, it usually starts to flare up. When I make my lunch in the morning, I base it around snacks I can eat to help my acid indigestion, not diet foods. It's like it's taking over my life. I don't have health insurance, I cannot afford to go to the doctor, so I don't know what to do.

So my weekend was fun.

Friday I got off work early to go pay some bills and go to a dreaded doctors appointment, only designed to violate women. So I once I was done being violated, I got home about 4:00, and Ben and I decided it would be fun to go out to eat. I suggest TGIF's because I've been dying for 'Sizzlin' Chicken and Cheese'. I don't care who you are, if you don't love this mind-blowing entree, you are missing out. Way out.

But Ben insisted that he wanted to go to Hamada instead. Which I NEVER object too. I feel like a princess when he brings me there. You sit at a table of 8, with a large griddle in the middle, and the cook prepares your dish right at your table. First you get salad, soup, then a hefty bowl of chicken fried rice, a large portion of noodles (the best noodles you'll ever taste), followed by 2 big scoops of fresh grilled veggies, and then your meat. I always get the Royal Delight, which is chicken and shrimp. If you ever go here, I suggest eating the seafood sauce (the light orange sauce), with everything. I always take home a huge box full because by the time I get my meat, I'm stuffed, so when I do put my food in a box to take home, I just pour it in and mix it with everything. You can't go wrong with it. It's a sweet peppery sauce and taste amazing on anything. I bet it even tastes good on ice cream. It's that good.  You will never find an entree there that is under $17.00. But it's so worth it. The place is very inviting, with a cozy romantic setting and the food is always great. Not just good, but great. Tony the Tiger style. I love going there. We've also been to Fuji's Japanese Steak House in Orland Park too, but Hamada of Japan tops it, and is in Tinley Park, so it's a lot closer.

Well the work day has come to a close.

I will elaborate more tomorrow, I'm going to the gym to work on my fitness, whenever it feels like presenting itself.

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