Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green livin' is the life for me...

Good afternoon! A good afternoon indeed! And Happy St. Patricks day, a.k.a. Drunken-People-Who-Suddenly-Think-They-Are-Irish-But-Aren't-So-They-Go-To-Bars-And-Act-Like-Asswipes Day!

I'm Irish, and I couldn't care less. It is coincidental that my favorite color is green though...and I like beer...but the whole Irish accent really burns me. And the green suits, with the cut off legs, green stockings, and penny loafers with cotton balls hanging off them. I really hate the way grown men dress like leprachauns with those fairy shoes and shuffle about with bagpipes. The whole thing just really bugs me. Seriously, where do people come up with these traditions? I think the accent hatred actually came to the first time I saw the movie 'Caddyshack'. That dork of a girlfriend that Danny had, Maggie I think her name was, had an Irish accent in that movie and, UGH, I couldn't stand it! Anytime I see that movie now I have to fast forward the parts with her in it. YES, I hate it that much.

It's another one of those things you just can't explain...why did Curly have a hatred for tassles? I don't know. Do you know? I didn't think so. And why was limburger cheese the only thing that calmed him down? Again, don't know.

Well, I haven't really gone to the gym since Sunday unfortunately. Monday I was having some monster digestion issues, which forced me to leave the gym early. Tuesday we were having a crisis with this whole closing thing on the house. They just have the hardest time setting dates and getting all the information straight that they need, forcing Ben to now close later.  We have to be out by April 1st to avoid having to pay another month's rent, and the new closing date is most likely the 26th now. The problem? Ben gets a vacation fund every year from his work, and they needed 'proof', to make sure the extra $1500 and something odd dollars, isn't drug dealer money basically. They also needed proof of homeowners insurance on the house that they haven't even approved him for yet. So he had to go buy homeowners insurance last night, for a house he hasn't even gotten. What sense does that make? So he was a ticking time-bomb yesterday. I went home to help him look for all the new information they needed, then I gave him my credit card, told him to order out, and left to go get a haircut and let him cool off.  When I got back, that seemed to have done the trick because he was laughing at Seinfeld when I returned, and when Ben is really mad, not even Seinfeld makes him laugh. So that was good. We ended up eating some beef sandwhiches and watching, yet again, another Seinfeld. Afterwards I cracked a Select 55 (only 1!) and we watched 'Biggest Loser' before going to bed.

The warm weather gives me a happy, fuzzy feeling in my beergut and reminds me how much I love the summer. I finally have a nice car with a big sunroof to enjoy, and I feel like this summer I will finally free of those stubborn pounds I've so desperately wanted to lose for 4 summers now. So far, much to my dismay, I haven't really lost a whole lot of anything. Just a little more self love everytime I step on that scale and it reads the same thing week after week. SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE HELL? Ironically, on Biggest Loser last night, Bob (one of the trainers) said that working in an 8-hour a day office full time, can make losing weight a lot harder. Awesome! Thanks Bob, great news for me!

Well in honor of St. Patty's day, I am going to have a few beer with Ben at the bar after work.  He actually called me to go out on a week night! Amazing!

Good bye all!

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