Friday, March 19, 2010

Subway lies.

Again, sorry for the rant yesterday. Biggest made me feel bad about myself, so it just set me off.  Last night, Ben fell asleep earlier, so I stole his phone and started messing with a calorie counter application I downloaded on it some time ago. I tried to break down all the reasons I haven't been losing the weight, and finally figured out that this whole time that I've been 'eating good', I actually have been intaking the same amount of calories if not more, then the 2000 calorie per day diet. I have a calorie journal online that I periodically check, and my goal calorie intake is about 1100 per day.  I have broken up my usual diet for the past couple weeks, and the outcome was that I'm going well over 1500. So it's no wonder. The 'Light and Fit', 'Fit & Active' and 'Weight Watchers' labels can be deceiving.

Also, I've been eating Subway for lunch and dinner pretty much every day for the past two weeks (6" for lunch and the other half for dinner). But something occured to me last night while messing with the calorie counter add on Ben's phone...when the Subway commercials say that 'There's only 250 calories in this sandwhich! YAY!' They are not counting, the cheese, bread or condiments. They are basically just giving you the meat. I will break it down for you...

6" Bread: Honey Oat-250 calories, 48 carbs, 3.5g fat
Ham: 60 calories per slice (about 3 slices on a 6")
Turkey: 50 calories per slice (about 3 slices on a 6")
Light Mayo: 50 calories per tsp (so about 6 tsp per 6"), 1.5g fat
Mustard: 5cal per tsp (about 6 tsp per 6")
Provolone: 2 half circles are 1.5g fat, 50 calories (2 per 6")

And that is usually what I get on mine, with spinach, cucumber, and that's it. So lets see, that's, 970 calories and 6.5 grams of fat. For a 6 inch. Now, if I eat the other half for dinner that's almost 1940 calories, not to mention the carbs in that. And the wheat bread is no better, the wheat bread is 200 calories.

See for yourself...

So that's how they get ya. I do agree that is it healthier than eating a Big Mac, except the Big Mac actually has less calories at 540 but 29g of fat. The worse thing to get at McDonalds is the Deluxe breakfast at a whopping 1090 calories and 56 grams of fat. Oh, and the milk shakes, 1110 calories for a vanilla, and about the same for the other two (Sorry dad).

So I think I deciphered why I have not been dropping the weight. I have had a very mislead diet hidden behind 'weight loss' labels. So I'm gonna start cooking up some more chicken breasts and making big salads instead of worrying about getting Scamway.

I'm not giving up yet world. Where there is a will, there is a way.

I also have to stop getting take out. Those Saturday night rendezvous at the Skillet and Hamada and wherever else are not doing me justice.

So a few little updates...

Crazy is still at it. I have not talked to her since the day before the meeting 3 weeks ago, and I don't intend on talking to her. It did not dawn on me how crazy she actually was until her little plans started unfolding. I truly believe that she is trying to get us all fired.  I'm not sure what her motive is, or what she plans on doing if we all got fired, but she's got something brewing up there. I think that she has this huge, epic and ultimate plan that will bring all her little plans together one day, and when they do, she's going to put on quite a show.  She has no regret for what she did. In fact, she's pretending it didn't happen and acting as though we are all the ones with the problem. She is constantly doing things to make us not like her, snapping at everyone, slamming her phone after every call, stomping around, slamming drawers, oh yeah, and did I mention sending fake e-mails to management about facebook, getting us all in trouble and nearly fired, and not even because f facebook, but because of the drama she's causing...but then gets all riled up when one of us isn't giving her attention. It's so's like...she does all these things that no normal person would enjoy, but then wants us all to cherish and respect her as a co-worker. Either that or she wants us all to feel sorry for her and give her attention, but we stopped caring a long time ago, so what does she want from us? I just don't get it. It's definately a head scratcher.

We've all been in a good mood today (except for Crazy of course, her being in a good mood should be considered a very rare event. Like the solar eclipse.) So, she's been slamming her phone, yelling at every one that calls, permanantly frowning, things like that. So my co-workers and I have just been laughing at her, and the more we laugh, the more angry she gets. She doesn't nessecarily know we are laughing at her, but I'm sure she's figured it out. I came up with the idea that we should just start spraying her water when she gets out of line, but I'm not sure how spraying crazy people would work out. There could be a number of strange things that happen in an event like that, but who knows.

Oh and one more thing I hate...when people put little stupid flags on there cars. Not flag stickers, but flags. Those little ones that snap into your side windows and flutter around all gay. I just saw an old guy drive over the Monee Manahattan overpass, he had a little golfers cap on, and I assume the typical beige rain guard jacket, with grey slacks and orthopedic foot clubs (shoes) with the velcro. I'm sure he wasn't going anywhere, he was probably just taking a little cruise with his pea sized wife, with her drawn orange eyebrows, and doily. I'm not sure why an old lady with orange eyebrows would be carrying a doily around, but when I picture an old woman, for the longest time, I've thought of doilies. So the woman in my story, is carrying a doily.

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