Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My original Friday post, that was rudely interrupted...

Well, what a nice day! I went to the gym again this morning, discovered I've lost 2 more pounds, which makes a total of about 8 now. But my weight seems to be steadily falling now though...Could it be that the weight is starting to fall off? Because yesterday morning I weighed myself and I'd lost 2...which makes a total of 4 in a week...2 days actually. I honestly think it's because I stopped eating Scamway and have been eating grilled chicken salads all week with a few teaspoons of 60 calorie, no fat dressing and a whole buttload of vegetables, frozen fruit and nuts. I've also been drinking so much water I feel like a water balloon. Aside from the carb and calorie loaded Scamway I stopped eating, I virtually eat no bread at all. I mean seriously, it's about time something happened to my benefit. You know you're losing weight when your yoga pants start getting loose on you.

So Ben finally texted me at lunch today with good news! We should be closing on the house on Wednesday, March 31st. This better happen because I'm sacrificing 2 days of work for this move, and I also worked it out with the landlord that rent will not be an issue so long as we are out within a reasonable time (the following Monday, which we surely will be if the closing goes as scheduled). I also have to clean up the apartment which won't be fun, but I've been keeping the place clean, so it shouldn't be that bad.

So a few little updates...

Poster is no longer trying to get into cabinets and closets, but instead has taken on the new habit of going directly under where I lay in bed, and scratch the wall. It doesn't make a noise as if a human was scratching a painted wall, but more that of a furry asswipe creature with werewolf talons scratching a chalkboard. That little stunt, as well a few others, are his new way of waking Ben and I up at 4 in the morning, on the dot, every morning.

One of his others is going into the spare bedroom where we keep various junk, and also a lot of old boxes that we've been saving over the year for our expected move. For some reason, he will paw at the largest one, which makes a loud scraping noise. Take your hand, put it on the nearest surface and slide your hand along it, but lightly. Repeat between hands. This is what it sounds like, except 3 times louder and for 15 minutes straight without stopping on a large cardboard box. Atleast, we think it's a cardboard box. Everytime one of us finally can't take it anymore, we get up to spray him (a water bottle is always necessary with this cat), and he's already bolting to hide behind the couch. We've never actually caught him pawing the box to death, but that's what it sounds like. I'm not going to lie, he's an extremely smart cat. I'd like to pride myself in thinking that he's smarter then your average cat, but this is not automatically a good thing.

For example, this morning, before he started box pawing, he was playing with a hair tie in our doorway. He likes to find small trinkets laying around (he prefers things that make noise of course, beer bottle caps are his favorite), and bring them directly into our doorway and play with them. Ben was gone for work already, and Poster had not yet settled down from his 4 a.m. recess. I was just about to doze back off when he brought the hair tie into our doorway and was rolling around with it mercilessly, every so often, rolling into the wall, and scraping his dragon dagger nails into the lenolium, basically making a lot of unnecessary ruckus. I finally got up, and took his hair tie from him, and laid back down. I swear to you, I am not making this up, before I even had a chance to close my eyes, he was under the bed, scratching the wall. My first thought was that I was hearing things, but I wasn't. He was getting revenge on me for taking his beloved toy.

Since of course, he is always out of arms length when I reach under the bed to drag him out, I had to get up, again, and go into the front room, knowing he'd follow me. But it didn't work. He was sitting under the bed, green eyes glowing with glee at my obvious anger. So I lured him out by pretending to give him a treat, but then just locked him out. He is seriously like a kid. I love him dearly, but he pisses me off a lot too.

Well I'm out. Have an awesome day.

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