Monday, April 5, 2010

Manbugs and Blue 70's toilets.

Hello, I'm back.

Well we are all moved into our new house.  That was the most exhausting 5 days I've had since Phish Fest 8 in California, and that includes the 62 hours we drove in 4 days, and the 10 or so miles we walked in the scorching hot sun in sandals in 2 days. By the way, we are flying everywhere from now on.

Wednesday, Ben closed at 3 pm, and we were out of there by 4 and started getting our stuff out. We thought it would be a decently easy move since "we don't have that much stuff"...wrong! We have a lot of stuff! Everytime we thought we were done, we'd open a cabinet or turn a corner and there'd be a pile of stuff somewhere. What ticked me off, is I went back to get the cat Wednesday night and my landlord was there hangin' around. I was sweaty, smelly, and running up and down the stairs like a crazy person trying to load one last load (and a furry, retarded cat) into my car, and she came up and pretty much let herself in, and was poking around, asking me if I left the keys for her and what not. I'm trying my best not to be rude, but seriously, was she blind? There was stuff still sitting all over the counters, the fridge had not been emptied, obviously nothing had been cleaned yet...I mean really? Plus, I'd talked to her the day before and she said, "We're going on vacation anyway, so take until Monday and just get everything taken care of, no big rush!' But here she was, 3 hours after we closed, badgering me about where the keys were? So finally, I think she got the hint and left. So I rounded up the little werewolf and went home for the night.

Thursday we went back over and cleaned the place, not very well, but enough. We just wanted to start organizing our new place, and get the hell out of that apartment, so we did a half assed job. We didn't break or ruin anything while we were there, so all the dirtiness was just natural, over time, build up.  Just little things, that I'm sure our landlord will deduct out of Ben's security deposit somehow. We mopped, vaccumed, wiped down all the cabinets and scrubbed the fridge out, and that's about it. The landlord decided to come back with her husband and bother us some more, and he even had the nerve to tell us not to throw our garbage in the dumpster. Uh, ok, so are we supposed to throw it? Load it in our cars and take it to our new place? I don't think so...So they left and we threw all of our garbage in the dumpster.

 We finished that up at about 12, then went to Menards to get garbage cans, and other odds and ends, then to Lonestar, then back home to clean some more.  We got all the kitchen stuff put away, and I worked my ass off, scrubbing and mopping and organizing, did 4 loads of laundry, vaccumed, dishes...ugh. I finished at about 8 pm, and practically collapsed onto the couch. Friday we had a party, of course, we had to break in the new place, but 3 hours after guests arrived, our old, pastel blue 70's toilet stopped flushing. So we were forced to go up and down the stairs for the past 2 days to use the upstairs bathroom. Ben replaced the toilet, so now we have a pretty white porcelain one, that certainly makes the bathroom look better. Except, now we have a blue toilet sitting on our back porch, because garbage pick up isn't until Wednesday. What our neighbors must think...

By the way, my landlord texted me at 7:45 Friday morning and asked us if were done yet. I wanted to write back, "LAY OFF LADY!" But I didn't. Why do you tell us you'll give us until Monday, when it actuality you are only giving us a day. Did I mention they were going on vacation? Oh, and Ben won't get his security deposit back until they get back, which is April 12th. But she's giving us a hard time and hurrying us. Rediculous.

Saturday we had our internet and cable hooked up, and the first thing I did was recover my gamertag for Xbox Live and play Halo 3 for 2 hours. That was pretty much all we did Saturday. It's rather sad how dependant the human race is on TV and video games nowadays for entertainment, but I don't care, I have Halo now, and that's all I care about.

Sunday we ate a lot of food for Easter, and I whined about a giant misquito bite that I'd scratched to the point of bleeding, all day. I feared I was getting gangrene, and my foot would soon need amputation. It's better today though...infact, I scratched another one on the back of my leg, and caused that to bleed as well. I'm just a misquito bitten mess...come to think of it, they could be manbug (ladybugs) bites too because we have been overridden with them invading our home. What is with those things? They swarm in corners and windows, die for 3 weeks, and then suddenly come back to life.  I was sitting in our upstairs bathroom, and I noticed 3 on the floor. I thought to myself, "I bet you that at least 1 or 2 of those are still alive, and will soon be migrating to another part of the house soon..." A few days later, I was up there again, and 2 of them were gone, one had been smashed. I was sitting at work one day too (ironically, in the bathroom again), and there was one on the window sill.  It was there for a solid 3 weeks at least...I am not exaggerating. And I know I'm not exaggerating because for those 3 weeks, I go in there and laugh to myself because nobody had bothered to get a tissue and throw it away, including me. One day, I was sitting there, and saw something moving out of the corner of my eye, I turned, and low and behold, the 3 week, supposedly dead manbug started moving and trying to get up.  I couldn't believe my eyes. I just sat there and stared at it for what seemed like hours. Finally I picked it up and flushed it down the toilet. I was convinced there is only two ways to kill a manbug. You have to drown or burn them, otherwise, they just keep coming back. You squish one in a tissue, throw in the garbage, and a few days later it'll be crawling outta there, broken and battered, but determined to crawl on one more surface. Preferably your clean dishes drying in the sink, or something of that nature. I did a little research on them, as I was curious to know why they come back to life after 2 or 3 weeks, and I couldn't find anything on it. The information I found said that they hibernate in the winter, but not for 3 weeks on a window sill. Oh well. That's what vaccum's are for.

Today I am puffy and bloated, and ashamed in myself because I was too lazy to go to a different gas station to get my Select 55 on Friday, so I ended up getting 95 calorie Michelob Ultra, and drinking almost the whole 12 pack by the end of the night. Granite, we were partying for almost 9 hours, but nonetheless, that's gross. At least when I drink Select 55, I don't feel as bad if I drink a lot of them.  I'd have to drink a 24 pack of those, to equal the amount of calories I drank, drinking 11 Ultra's. Makes me feel fatter just thinking it. Not to mention that we'd eaten take out for almost 4 days straight for every meal because I didn't have a chance to grocery shop and we threw away most of our food (most of it was old or not worth salvaging). I try to convince myself that I worked out a lot while moving, but I can't convince myself hard enough that it was effective. I haven't been sleeping good either, all the moving and cleaning has really been taking an effect on my arms, so I've been tossing around at night, unable to get comfortable because my shoulders are hurting. Oh well, that'll pass.

Well the day is almost over, and I'm not looking forward to my Aldi's trip...I wish Berkots and Aldi's would switch places, or prices, or something.

Good day.

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