Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dr. Oz and Yoga


So I've been checking out the Dr. Oz website lately, because his show come on at 4, and I can't watch it.  The few times that I've watched it, are the times I've stayed home sick or something, which is rarely.  Seems the only times I take off work, I'm doing more work on my day off then I actually do at work.  Anyway, on his website he has a test you can take to tell you what your true age is. Mine was 26. Not too bad. And the only reason it was 26 for some really stupid reasons that I can't even remember.  I think one was driving 5-10 miles over the speed limit? Come on, if you really think about it, driving over the speed limit shouldn't have anything to do with age because if you get into an accident due to speeding, does your age really matter? I just didn't get that, but ok.

Then I also found a link on there entitled, '100 people with 100 weight loss success stories!', but there were only 4 stories. I was a little annoyed. I enjoy reading other people's success stories, but I don't like being lied too about it. Fix your site Dr. Oz.

I think it's funny too that his crowd is all women. I was watching one day not too long ago and they panned across the crowd, and I think there were 2 guys total. The rest of them were middle aged, pudgy, women with 80's hair and bright orange lip stick just swooning over this guy. Then he calls a random woman up from the crowd and suddenly the show turns into the 'Price is Right'. A lady comes sailing from her seat like usually a black woman or a very fat woman, so blind with excitement they practically soar over the crowd like Spiderman.  It's hilarious. I wouldn't be excited. He probably has bad doctor breath like most doctors do. You're doctors, for every patient's sake, chew some gum.

So other than that, everything is going good, aside from this migraine I have, but I believe this is due to boredom.

I thought about something today...This blog was originally intended to be keeping track of my weightloss, and it's turned into free based novel about everything but that. 

So a few little updates on that: I have been going to the gym still, but in the morning, which I find to be fantastic. I absolutely love, it, and I don't even care if my hair is curly with sweat when I leave. It's all in the name of wearing a size 7 once again. Oh, and I don't have to fight lesbians off everything, the gym is virtually empty in the morning.

Dr. Oz also told me that I need to start doing more flexibility and strength excersizing, and less cardio and weightlifting (this was another part of my true age test I forgot about). For my body type, I am supposed to be doing a whole lot of yogo and pilates and less of the other stuff. So I've been trying it. I've been alternating between going to the gym in the morning and doing yoga and pilates. Those exercises are A LOT harder then they look.  Sure, when you watch, you're like 'pffftt, simple' are sadly mistaken, my friend. Pilates and yoga are focused on 'core strength' so everything from your chest to your pelvic bone is consistantly being worked throughout the whole exercise routine. I did 45 minutes of both the other day (I use Comcast Fitness channels on Demand) and I am extremely sore about 2 hours later. It also improves posture, which makes you taller. So I've just been switching it up...a little cardio there, weightlifting there, and flexibility and strengthening everywhere else. I did some Jillian Michaels routines this morning, and she kicked my ass. Seriously, if the weight doesn't start falling off soon, I'm gonna start scissor kicking people's groins. I eat awesome, I drink lots of water, I work out, I can't figure out what the hell I'm doing wrong. I seriously cannot. I have to actually try to FIND reasons now.

Poster does not like when I exercise on the front room floor. Yesterday I was doing yoga and at some point I laid my head down and he thought I was laying it down close to him to play I guess, so he provided a death grip on my skull with his werewolf talons and attacked my head.  I slapped him, and he took off at the couch, and did his weird lizard crawl thing across it...I coulda killed him.

Well it's 5. See ya later.

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