Monday, April 12, 2010

Sue Finley and Toilet Paper Trails

Good afternoon!

So, funny story...I got a friend request on Facebook from a person named Sue Finley this morning. I have been promptly denying any unusual requests for the obvious fact of what happen previously with Psycho. There were no pictures, no posts, and no information on 'Sue Finley' what so ever, other than that they graduated in 2005 from Manteno.  That wasn't a huge school, and I was friends with a lot of '05 kids, and I think I would have remembered a Sue Finley. So a fairly popular kid who graduated in '05 happen to be my friend and online, so I asked him about Sue.  He said that there is no such person, and the name didn't even sound familiar. So I came to the quick conclusion that 'Sue Finley' is really just a cover for Connie Rosenbrock...aka 'Sue Finley, the concerned employee' aka, our psycho co-worker!  So instead of adding her, I wrote her a private message on FB for her to see when she checks back later to see if I've added her:

Nice try's getting pathetic now, really pathetic...By the way, there is no Sue Finley in the graduating class of '05 in Manteno, psycho. I don't know what you're trying to accomplish, but all I can tell you is that all you've accomplished is making yourself out to be a psychopath. Now please quit stalking my page, and please stay out of my life unless it's WORK related.

I mean, come on. She just wants me to add her so that she can snoop through my page and use it against me again. I'm seriously at a loss for words anymore...if anyone was in my situation, what would you do? We can't say anything to her, because we don't neccesarily know that it is her, we are just assuming. But who else would it be? I'm just done with her, period. So she can sit there and write anonymous e-mails all day, and find ways to get us fired until she's blue in the face, but I am certain that eventually, she will slip up a little peice of her plan and the truth will come out.

My other co-worker, Lynnette, who was Sue Finley's original target, came to my desk today and said loudly, 'You know what? My great-grandma used to think my name was Sue! She would call me Sue all day...You should just start calling me, Sue Finley Owens!' I laughed until my stomach hurt. At least now when Pyscho decides to try and ruin my life, I have people to talk too about it. They are all experiencing her behavior for themselves, and we can all just laugh about it. Before Lynnette and Rochelle worked here, I had nobody. Just me and Psycho.

Anyway, Poster has discovered a new fascination with toilet paper. I was getting ready for work and as I'm going up the stairs I see a trail of TP starting at the landing (see pic) and ending on the roll. How he managed to get it that far without ripping it is beyond me. I yelled at him, and he hid under the bed for awhile. I did laugh though, but secretly so that he couldn't see. I was afraid if he saw me laughing, he'd think it was ok to make toilet paper trails and forts and whatever other magical toilet paper oddeties can be discovered. The toilet paper was salvaged.

He also has a bad habit of sleeping on my chest. Which is very uncomfortable. I wake up in the middle of the night feeling claustrophic from a giant, fat, furry body lounging on my chest plate.

Well it's time to go.  Everyone message Sue Finley on Facebook and tell her what a freak she is.


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