Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Slightly better?

Guess what I did today?

I got up at 6:15, got ready, and went to the gym for an hour before work. I LOVED it. There was nobody there except an older couple and their trainer. A vivacious older woman with a lot of pep in her step. The old man was an adorably sweet old guy, who said to me as I was leaving, "You have a great day today!'. That made me happy.

So Brenda, our mortgage broker still hasn't gotten back to us with any good news yet. I called her today and she said that USDA or (HUD) or whatever the hell you want to call them, messed up some of Ben's paperwork, and they are correcting it. How typical. Of course we are really under a lot of pressure right now as far as time, and they are messing up paperwork. Get with it, you idiots.

It's now 10 to 5 and I have not received a text from Ben with good news, nor a call from Brenda with good news. When I talked to Ben earlier, he said to me, "I'm about to tell them to take this house, shove it up their asses, and get (bleeped)". Which made me laugh a little, but I am just as frustrated as he is. This whole thing is really messing with our time, and feelings. Since last Friday we have been let down over and over and flooded with dissapointment. We just feel so belittled by some persons we can't even see. Who are these jags? We haven't even started to pack because we're both starting to feel hopeless. Like we've been dangling an enourmous worm on a line for a month without a bite. Everytime we feel a wiggle, it stops. That was a gay analogy. My mind is a little clouded with pain right now, so I'm gonna call it a day.

Have an awesome day everyone.

Oh yeah, and I lost 2 pounds.

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