Friday, February 19, 2010

Tell them Large Marge sent ya!

So this morning, I was getting ready for work and was looking at some of my old shirts from a few years ago that I refuse to part with.  I always push through them as I'm looking for my one of two work shirts, and in my head just giving a long saddened sigh.  I don't get rid of them because I always thought that by some miracle when the fat fairy comes and makes me skinny over night, I'll be able to put them on again.  She would poke me with her magic bread stick, and *poof* I'd wake up 60 pounds lighter! I would hop out of bed like a 6 year old on Christmas morning, run to the mirror, let out a high pitched squeal of excitement and immediately run to the nearest store and go crazy.

But alas, no fat fairy with a bread stick wand ever comes my way.

Anyway, so as I was getting ready for work, I found an old green shirt that I've had for about 2 years. For awhile, it was a crumpled ball in the trunk of my leaky cavalier and I'd forgotten about it. From there, it was transported into a black plastic bag and had been sitting in my spare bedroom closet for quite some time before I came across one day. I washed it, and its been hanging in my closet for awhile. I believe I quit wearing it about a year ago because the weight was starting to promptly and inconveniently stuff itself into my midsection, so the shirt was sadly retired.  I reluctantly slipped it on with my favorite jeans, anticipating my usual reaction of "yep, I figured it would look like that, oh well"...but I was mistaken, and I couldn't believe it. It actually looked good! IT LOOKED GOOD! Feeling a little overzealous at this time, I slipped on my new black heels that Ben had helped me pick out too. I liked it. I even said outloud to myself, "I am pleasantly surprised."

So I believe now that my constant consumption of vegetables, salads and other various poop inducing foods have finally started to pay off. Not to mention that I even gave up my beloved Busch Light for Select 55. Regardless though, that does cut my beer calories in half on the weekends, which I'm sure helps out since I can't cut beer out of my diet, and by can't I mean won't ever. So do not try to make me, because I will not listen.

So what's on my agenda for this pleasantly warm (its about 34 out) mid-winter's eve?

Well after much time to think during my boring day at work, I decided that I am going to hunt for Pee Wee Herman, and have a beer with him. Maybe 3 depending on my mood. I figure my chances are pretty minimal and close to impossible, but dammit I'm going to try. Please don't try to lie to me, you know that you've had this same hankering since Pee Wee's Big Adventure and that's perfectly ok. I'm just going to do what every person in the world has been wanting to do for decades.

Off I go.

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