Monday, May 24, 2010

Sites N' Stuff

Sorry for the slacking lately.  I've discovered a few more websites to keep my busy during downtime at the office so I've been neglecting my writing a bit.

Let's see...

- - Awkward Family Photos, truly a gem of a website for any bored person.
- Yahoo Answers - Pet Section - Cats - People ask the weirdest questions about their cats and you have to leave your 'answer' or 'opinion' to their question.  You score points with each question. People can give you a thumbs down or a thumbs up, and also can rate your answer as the best.  I am obbsessed.  I've scored 655 points in 3 months. To do this, go to Yahoo, make an account if you don't already have one, scroll alllll the way down on, and click Answers.  I never knew it was there because it's a tiny print at the bottom of the Yahoo website, but I'm glad I found it.
- - This is a classic, and self explainatory.
- - Had me in tears at work laughing.
- - This is a blogger I discovered when looking up the side effects of Alli, the weightloss pill. I absolutely love this site, and love the reads. I was almost embarrassed, but then proud when I realized I was a top commentator. Thanks Jeff Kay, your blog has turned into my new facebook. This is the first site I check now when I get to work in the morning.

A few little updates:

I have lost about 16 pounds so far.  The scale is still telling me I've lost like 4, but it's one of those gay scales where you have to move the little tab yourself.  I just don't believe it, there is no possible way.  My jeans are fitting looser, my double chin is gone, and I can just TELL.  Why 16 you ask?  Well because when I was at the doctor a month ago, I was down 10 pounds, and that was with clothes on, and I've lost some weight since. So I'm just rounding it off at about 16.  I have had countless amounts of people asking me if I've been losing weight and I can finally say 'YES! YES I AM, THANK YOU FOR ASKING! SERIOUSLY THANK YOU!'  I hoping that at this point, I will be where I want to be by August-ish.  I had my boyfriend cracking up the other day.  We were driving to go get some food for a cookout and we saw a real fat guy stopped at a stop sign.  He was panting real hard like a bulldog in a sauna, and my boyfriend said, 'Man...that guy looked real fat and miserable.'  We laughed, and then I made the comment, "Yea, that's why I have my heart set on losing weight, I'm sicking of being miserable and uncomfortable in the summer time." There was a pause and he started laughing and said, "You act like you are obese or something." I'm not of course. But seriously, even being 'thick' in the summer time can be excruciating.  Especially for people like me who are extremely self concious.  Unlike some girls, I can't be thick, and still wear skin tight belly shirts and shorts that look like underwear.  I like to be somewhat conservative and try to wear clothes that can still flatter girls with some 'junk in the trunk'. Ha ha, that saying is so lame.  But I've seen some girls who are like 230 pounds, wearing tube tops, cut off jean shorts in which each worldly sized buttcheek is hanging out of either pantleg, there stretch marked pimply cleavage slapping about in everyone's face, and that's just not right.

I believe in the saying, 'shake what your momma gave you', but I believe that saying was created with intentions that you'd be shaking your inherited goods with clothes on. Kind of a black person's spin off on 'dance like no one's watching'.

Well work is about over and I'm about to go the gym.

I'm up to a mile and half on the elliptacle/treadmill...I'm going for 2 miles tonight.  If I can do two miles in the elliptacle, it'll take me about 40 minutes and I will burn about 450 calories. Nice. If I did it on the treadmill, it would be less calories, same amount of time. So I'm going with elliptacle. Wish me luck.

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