Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 1 of Week 4

Well my pants are getting looser. Not by a whole lot, and not enough for anyone to notice but me.

I also switched back to skim milk.  I was reading the nutritional facts on the 2% we've been buying, and it's 5 grams of fat per cup! So if I'm eating cereal, and I use 2 cups of milk, I may as well add 10 grams of fat onto my bowl of cereal. No wonder I've gained weight since I moved into this apartment!

For breakfest today, I had a bowl of strawberries and cream oatmeal and a banana. (This is my new favorite breakfast!)

For lunch I had a tuna sandwhich (using 1 tblspoon of light and fit mayo, and a generous portion of mustard & pepper for taste) on toasted whole grain bread, a 90 calorie pack of light and fit smore rice cakes, and a almond granola bar.

I went to the gym yesterday morning too.  I pulled up expecting the place to be packed on a Sunday morning, but much to my surprise, there was only 1 person there. Literally. No workers either because since it's a 24 hour gym, you swipe outside of the door to activate the lock when the employees are gone. So aside from the one older man keeping to himself on the weights in the back, I had the the whole gym to myself.  I FINALLY got to use the elliptical that I've been wanting to use for weeks. (There are two ellipticals, one works with a swinging motion, and one works with gliding).  I prefer the gliding elliptical, but every time I've been to the gym, there is a lesbian on it. The one day, she finally got off, and then she happily showed her girlfriend how to use it immediately after. So I've been forced to use the swinging elliptical where there are no lesbians present.

So I did 10 minutes on the lesbian elliptical, before moving to the bike.  I cycled for 10 minutes again, before doing a 5 minute fat burning level on the stair stepper. The stair stepper is a rediculously hard machine to use if you are out of shape, even a low level, the stair stepper will dominate you.  Even when I was working out all the time, and was skinny and in shape, I could never do more than 10 minutes on the stair stepper. So I was proud at a measly 5.

From there, I went to my favorite crunchie machine, and did 30 reps at 40 pounds.  I did various arm machines also, and I definately felt those! I did a few leg machines too, working the back of my thighs and calves, before going onto the dreaded swinging, lesbian-free elliptical for 3 short minutes to stretch my legs. So I was there a solid hour before I stepped out into the rain filled afternoon.

For dinner I had a salad, some grilled chicken with a bit of mushroom soup on top, and sadly, beer. Something about Sundays puts that beer in my hand. I thank the makers of Budweiser for making 55 calorie beer. Thank you Budweiser, thank you.

I was good the rest of the night, I curved my after dinner snacking by eating popcicles and drinking water. (Yes I switched to water eventually).

I just keep thinking to myself, "One day at a time."

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Mom or Dad said...

Well, here's my second attempt to send a comment. Yes, I did have to sign up, so let's try again.
As always, I really enjoy reading your blog. It's always fun to read and you sound content with your life right now, so that makes me very happy. I knew once you made up your mind to lose weight and get in shape, you would. That's a decision only you can make, no matter what anyone else says. Keep up the good work! Love you. MOM