Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blog Slacker


I forgot about this thing for awhile, huh?

Well lets see...I have still been sticking with my diet regimen. A lot of raw broccoli, bananas, carrots, cauliflower, salads, tuna, whole grain, grilled chicken, light yogurt, 90 calorie packs, and yes, occasionally I sneak in a turkey sandwich which a piece of American cheese. Or a quick nibble off one of the designated blocks of cheese I received as a Christmas gift from Ben's mom. We are storing them in the freezer as of now, but we take out one when we finish one. Right now it's the hickory smoked white cheddar...who wouldn't want to nibble that? I've caught Ben nibbling it too, so now it's a block of lightly nibbled cheese with various tooth carvings all over it. That's ok though. Cheese is cheese to me, regardless of whose teeth have sank into the hickory smoked goodness.


Anyways, I've noticed that when I go to the gym now that the work outs have become easier for me. Monday, Presidents Day, I took advantage of the fact that the Elliptical-Lesbian apparently didn't get a day off from her (I'm gonna go ahead and take a shot in the dark on this one) factory job as the butch forklift lady all the guys call 'Uncle Beatrice', so I hopped on the machine and surpassed my usual agonizing 8 minutes into 22 easy ones. It also helped that I found a Supernatural marathon on TNT, so I plugged my headphones into the machine and watched that. It's kind of sad, but finding something good on TV really helps take the focus off the timer. When I have my ipod on, I can hear the music, but I stare at the timer as each excruciating second flicks by while it laughs gleefully at my red, puffy, sad face.

I could've stayed on it for awhile, but I remembered I had 5 loads of laundry to do and a sink full of gross dishes that were calling my name, so I went on the stair stepped for 5 minutes afterwards. Even that evil, evil, satanic stair stepper wasn't too bad this time. I lifted some weights after that before I went on my way.

I have noticed a slight difference. My clothes are fitting a little more comfortably. I still can't seem to shake the bloat around my waste though. That's my extreme trouble area right now. That and my semi truck driver arms, and by that I don't mean, buff semi driver, more like a Larry the Cable guy semi driver, or rusty red pick up or whatever that idiot drives.

But all that matters is that I am still trying and I have stuck with this for over a month now, and that's a goal for me. I do have a confession though, on the weekends I do splurge a little...a little pizza here, a piece of crap there, but I'm only human and I enjoy going out to eat with my boyfriend, so sue me.

I am still drinking Select 55 too.

Bye for now. Ta ta.

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