Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 3 of Week 3

I did it.

I finally got up at 7 a.m. (a half hour before I actually get up for work) and did pilates.  I've been trying to drag myself out of bed for months trying to get motivated enough to do a few simple crunches and a few push ups. Normally my alarm goes off at 7, and I reset it to go off again at 7:30.  Today my alarm went off, and as if on cue, Poster hopped up on my chest and prodded around. He just saying to me, "Get up lazy ass, you've been trying at this for how long now, come on."

So, I get up, surprisingly feeling good about it.  I did a 15 minute extensive ab workout (since that's my main focus right now aside from my arms). And about 8 minutes or so of another abs and back work out. At one point I was doing criss cross crunches, after each excersize in pilates, you are told to pull your legs into your chest and relax your neck. As I'm 'relaxing' my neck, Poster has positioned himself directly under my head, as if he was a pillow. I had to stop and laugh. He wasn't taking to my new morning routine very well though. I think he was confused as to why I was not letting him participate (since I was in the middle of the living room floor).  So finally, he just sat on the table on watched, seemingly annoyed.

I  was a little dissapointed upon being finished, because I didn't feel that 'burn' that long so hard to have.  But, I'll tell you what, an hour later I definately felt it. My stomach and sides (my muffin handles), were aching.

For breakfast I had a bowl of oatmeal, with a half a banana chopped into it (this is great by the way!) and I ate the other half alone. I followed this with a vitamin and a tiny glass of V8.

For lunch today, I'm having a tuna sandwhich, on rye, with some carrots.

Snack today, a small bag of wheat thins or a granola bar.

I'm never really sure about dinner.  Ben and I have been buying bags/frozen chinese entrees from Aldi's with grilled shrimp or chicken, with some rice and veggies.  But last night I was bad and I made a meatloaf with a side of corn. For a snack I had a half a bowl of light and fit popcorn and a popsicle. 

I am going to the gym after work today. I am going to do about a half hour of cardio, as I have been, and then work my arms with some bench pressing again.  By the way, this is not an actual bench press, its a machine similar to a bowflex that allows you do several different weight training techniques with various muscles in your arms and shoulders.  I just wanted to clear this up.  I am not actually laying on a bench and working out like a biker in the back of an auto shop.

"So," I thought to myself this morning, "What is my goal?" The answer I came up with: I want to be able to wear a tank top, shorts and sandles this year. I also want to buy a cute bathing suit and not have to scower the shelves for one that fits and doesn't look stupid. I want to be able to just throw something on and be like 'Wow, this looks good.'

I can't give up this time. I'm sick of feeling trapped in my own skin.

I want my drivers license to be telling the truth.

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