Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hate Rant

Well we brought the new kitty, Andi, home last Friday.  Poster did not take to her as well as we'd hoped. Friday night he avoided her and us like the plague, spending most of his time guarding his litter box, or hissing at her from across the room. We felt kinda sorry for him.  It was obvious he felt rejected and replaced, but what can we do? As of Tuesday he'd become more adjusted.  He hadn't been hissing as much, and has even ventured into the front room where she runs around so he can sniff her and watch anxiously while she plays on his scratch post.  Monday, I was getting ready for work and I heard her playing on it, there was a moment of silence, followed by Poster screeching.  By the time I got in there, Andi was hiding under the couch, and Poster was tearing off up the stairs. I have a feeling Andi jumped on him and scared him because she does not understand that Poster doesn't like her.  Today was the first day we left Andi out of the spare room while we were at work.  This morning they were running about like they were best friends, and upon checking on them at lunch today, they were still good.  So finally that's over. Even though they are just cats, I swear you can still feel the tension between the two of them.

I was watching Tosh.0 the other day on Comedy central, and he was doing a 'Hate Rant'.  'Hate Rants' can also be found on Youtube by various strangers.  I thought it was funny, and I decided to do my own.

1. I hate when I nicely let someone in front of me, and 3 or 4 more cars decide it's their turn too.
2. I hate when my internet is slow.
3. I hate when I go to the gym and their are lesbians hogging up the elliptacles.
4. I hate when I go to the gym and that same guy is on the last elliptacle the lesbians aren't already hogging.
5. I hate tapioca pudding.  What are those little gel pieces in there?
6. I hate that my house always smells like cat butt, no matter how much I clean. I love my cats, but I do not love their bathroom habits.
7. I hate when I go into a public restroom to do a BM and someone always walks in right when you sit down. So you're holding it until they leave, but it seems they are purposely taking their time. Doing their hair in the mirror, drying their hands over and over with 18 papertowels, etc...I always feel better when they turn the hand dryer on though, then it's safe.
8. I hate when people think talking louder to people who don't understand English will make them understand.
9. I hate when you're trying to buy a new cell phone and they go through the entire process, excite you, start your account, then tell you your credit is shot and you can't have the phone unless you pay an $800 downpayment (Ahem, Sprint).
10. I hate when I go to a restaurant and there are floaties in my drink.
11. I hate waiters named 'Ted' at Olive Garden in Matteson, IL. He is terribly slow, forgets everything, and should not be a waiter.
12. I hate when I bite into a peice of good meat and discover it's loaded with chewy fat.
13. I hate when I switch lunch meats at the deli, and get home and discover they are full of chewy fat.
14. I hate when people ask me 'What?' before I even finish the question. Not only are you not listening, but you're also interrupting me.
15. I hate people at concerts who are in the crowded lawn with you, and block off a 10x10 area of space for themselves. If you cross into their imaginary space, the girlfriend will usually start whining to her boyfriend who will then try to start a fight with your boyfriend or friends.  It's a concert, they are crowded, and unless you are paying property taxes on that 10x10 space, I'm gonna stand there goddammit.
16. I hate generic cheeses. For example, cheeses made with oil, not ok (thinking generic kraft singles, ugh)
17. I hate people with big stinky dogs who let their dogs drool, lay and enjoy the rest of the human luxeries of the home covered in rancid dog smell.  I don't mind big dogs who are bathed, I'm talking about those smelly outside dogs. Your house smells, do you not smell that?
18. I hate those Christmas cookies that have the hard jelly in the middle, not appetizing.
19. I hate really big watches.
20. I hate cars that are shaped like tear drops.
21. I hate when girls put their hair up, and leave two pencil thin strips on both sides of the eye and then push it behind their ears, then completely drench their hair in thousands of gallons of hairspray so it looks like plastic. More often then not, there's usually an eyebrow ring thrown in there, topped off with a gaudy shade of white eyeshadow. It's not attractive, please stop.
22. I hate PMS.
23. I hate Totino's pizza commericials.
24. I hate the Concerned Employee.
25. I hate when people get offended by everything. Anything and everything you say offends these people, and they have to question everything you say.  Lighten' up a little, life's too short to be pissed off constantly.

And that's it, I will post my "Love Rant" tomorrow.  Off to the gym.