Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Love Rant

I am having somewhat of a terror of a day today, so I figured today would be the perfect day to write out my promised 'love rant' to counter the 'hate rant' I posted a few days ago.

As I said, the crazy lady has quit, and July 30th is her last day.  I guess the joke is partially on me because my boss has decided that I am the perfect canidate to take over her work (the work, not being crazy).  They've also decided to fire the girl the our Philadelphia office, and who did they decide would take over her work? Me as well. So I am doing both of their jobs, plus my own, which I don't even know what that is anymore. I've decided that I am going to ask for a raise...that's a lot of work. Even today, psycho has been forwarding all of her e-mails to me, and I honestly think she's getting pure excitement out of it. She's sitting over there, with her elf hair, snickering while she sends them, and bombards me with instant messages about how to do her job.  That's exactly why I was avoiding telling her until the absolute last minute, but my boss had to spring it on her. It was only a matter of seconds before she was rattling away on the keyboard, telling me things like, 'Lol, Good luck!', and shit of that nature...I want to throw her out the window. I'm pretty sure she wants this place to crash and burn because she honestly believes that she is the heart and soul of this business.  She keeps it running, and without her, we are nothing. Gawwwwwd, shut up already. I feel sorry for the people at her new job.

Anyway, I'm feeling pretty down today.  My phone has been ringing non-stop, e-mails have been pouring in, people are giving me work that they are very capable of doing themselves.  Seriously, you can't put a file away? You have to leave it on my desk to put away for you? Sure, just add it to the pile, I'll get to it never.  Ultimately the file will sit on my desk until someone is scurrying around the office looking for it one day and they come to me to look for it, and the cycle starts all over again.

1. I love texting.
2. I love Dairy Queen ice-cream.  There is something about it that I find to be better then most ice-creams, and I stand by that no matter anyone says.
3. I love cottage cheese on baked potatoes.
4. I love wearing flip flops, and have literally worn them until the day it starts snowing. True story. I remember because Ben's uncle grabbed me by the shoulders one night, shook me violently and yelled, "You're gonna freeze out here in those flip flops kid!" I told 'em, I will wear them 'til it snows.
5. I love my Hyundai.
6. I love having hippie stickers on the back of it.
7. I love concerts.
8. I love being able to get drunk within walking distance from my house, but not actually at my house. No driving, no DUI!
9. I love the feeling when I leave the gym.
10. I love sleeping.
11. I love Saturday mornings, giving I'm not hungover.
12. I love going out to dinner with Ben.
13. I love being one of the only girls I know who can fingerpick a guitar.
14. I love storms (but not violent ones that produce tornados).
15. I love animals, especially cats.
16. I love beer.
17. I love music fesitivals.
18. I love writing.
19. I love Dr. Pepper, but not the commercials. Enough with KISS.
20. I love my mom's garlic rice.
21. I love the feeling of relief.
22. I love my house.
23. I love sticky notes.
24. I love themed parties.
25. I love hating the concerned employee.

That was a lot harder then the hate rant. I actually didn't enjoy doing that at all, I'm going to add that to my hate rant.

Well I'm off to the gym...maybe the lesbians will do something exciting...they never cease to annoy me, but I always love writing about them.

26. I love writing about the lesbians.

Love, Britt

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Evil Twin's Wife said...

It's fun to hate something or someone sometimes. Especially the Concerned Employee! Hee hee!