Thursday, July 29, 2010


So tomorrow is the Concerned Employee's last day and I couldn't be happier. We've all been counting down the days.  The only drawback to her departure is the fact that my boss decided that I would be taking over her job. I think I mentioned this in the last post.  I didn't realize how annoying this process was actually going to be.  She's been here this week, but has decided that she is done working, and has been dumping all of her files, e-mails, & phone calls on me and obviously throughly enjoying it, you can just hear the excitement in her voice as she tells a student to call me. I hate her.  It wouldn't be so bad, if I knew anything about her job.  She handles all the graduating students, and basically gets them through the graduation process, and ultimately presents them their degrees.  Wayyyyy easier said then done.  Has anyone ever witnessed the process of someone trying to get their medical degree? I mean, not just heard it from the student's point of view, but actually seen the work that needs to be done? It's a damn long process and a whole helluva lot of paper. The same time that 'CE' has decided to go on her way, they also decided to fire the girl that works in our Philidelphia office. Guess who was designated to take over her job? If you said 'you!' you're  I think I mentioned this all in the last post though, so sorry for the deja vu. Basically I'm going to be doing the job of 3, and you're damn right I asked for a raise (in writing). I'll keep you posted on the outcome of how that goes...I have yet to hear about my pay increase request.

So Saturday, we are going to Six Flags, in Gurnee IL.  I am incredibly excited, but secretly scared shitless too.  Ben took me here back in 2008, we got a hotel, went out to a nice dinner, had a great night...the next day, we went on 4 rollercoasters and I had enough.  I don't even remember what set me off.  I just remember we went on the Dark Knight Coaster, Batman, Vertical Velocity, and then Superman. None of them were even that scary, I just hype myself up and keep telling myself that the cart is going to fly off the tracks and I'm going to go hurtling into the air and splat onto the concrete and the more I kept thinking it the more scared I got...but this is a common fear right? I know I'm not the only person in the world that thinks this.

The one I'm especially scared off though is the Raging Bull, that first drop is going to make me cry, I just know it. It's the tallest coaster there, peaking at 208 feet, and Ben will not let me live it down if I bitch out again. He was not happy with me that day, and I don't blame him, tickets prices are 100% bullshit.

I decided that I am going to mimick the show 'Bert the Conquerer' on Travel Channel.  I smile like an idiot from ear to ear when I watch this show.  Bert is incredibly afraid of heights, but has to do challenges that involve riding the tallest coasters in the world, skydiving, whatever he is deathly afraid of, he has to do. If Bert the Conquerer can conquer them, then so can I.

Bring it on Raging Bull...Bring it on.

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Evil Twin's Wife said...

I don't do coasters anymore since the Evil Twin and I rode a stand up one many moons ago. Now, I leave the coaster business up to him and our son. I will gladly get on spinny rides, etc. but nothing that will plunge me down a 200 foot drop on wheels! LOL.