Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hair-Over, Primus and Rothbury Fest

I'm a little blue lately because although I am losing weight, and feel physically better, I am still having an issue with my pale as a ghost skin and stupid fricken hair cut that stupid fricken lady down the street cut recently. I've never really had a set hairdresser at a specific salon. I usually go to whoever is available and conveniently located for me.  For as long as I remember, I had a lady named Vicki do my hair. She became somewhat of a friend to the family after so long, and I even threw up on her floor once when I was getting my hair done for my Aunt's wedding at the age of 6. I remember saying, "Hurry..." as I doubled over in threw up a half a gallon of orange juice onto her floor.  She still managed to french braid my hair though.  I threw up on my Aunt's wedding dress in the limo a few hours later. It was so ruffly you couldn't even tell. They are divorced now. Anyway, after highschool I became very good friends with my pink-haired, arch nemesis who had recently obtained her cosmetology license. She would do my hair frequently, testing new colors, giving me trims whenever needed, helping me pick out the perfect shades and developers, it was great. I had my own personal hair dresser.  She even put 10" extensions in my hair one time.  She was really good at what she did.  Except, for some reason I seem to attract friends who are gypsies and can't sit in one place for a long period of time.  They must move all over, make new friends, work different jobs, get bored, and start all over again. So one day she called me up and said her good-byes as she was suddenly packing up and moving to Michigan with a girl friend she met at a dance club.  That was it, she was gone.  After she moved away, I had another friend, Sammy who was a hairdresser.  She was really good too, except she would charge me the same amount at a ritzy salon which I thought was a little weird. I don't mean to sound like a penny pinching bitch, but I'm your friend, you can't give me a little bit of a discount? If I had my license, I'm pretty sure I would charge for coloring, but not for simple trims and what not, especially not $20 bucks.  Shortly after, Ben and I moved into our apartment, and we became friends with our downstairs neighbors.  Wouldn't ya know it, she was a hair dresser. So I started going downstairs every so often for $10 hair cuts.  Now we're in our house, and that couple had to move out of the apartment and into a parent's house due to the lovely job situation here in the depressed States so now I have no one.  I've talked to the downstairs girl a few times but she has a new baby and what not so our schedules are always conflicting.

I finally gave in and went to a place down the street from my work. I told her I just wanted a trim and wanted my 'helmet' as I call it, cleaned up to make it easier to style. So what does she do? Gives me a bowl cut.  Literally, she trimmed around the edges in a straight line and was like, "There ya go!", and did not even clean up the layers or anything.  Unfortunately, I could not really tell that there was a problem until a few days later when my hair started to 'settle' and refused to do anything. I need a complete hair-over.  I also would like to start tanning too.  I just hate being pale at all times. I've tried the bronzing lotions and spray tans and they never look natural.  I don't care how much they try to convince and sway you that it won't look 'orangey', fake or streaky, they always do.  Especially since the lotions and sprays do not show up until like 4 hours later. I made the mistake one time of putting it on before bed and woke up looking like some kind of Oompa Loompa Zebra creature.  

So October 2nd, Ben, our friend Cody, and my brother Brandon are going to Chicago to the Congress Theatre for Primus.  I'm pretty excited about it.  We saw Primus back in 2008 at Rothbury festival in Michigan.  Which, was by far, one of the coolest and visually stimulating festivals I have ever had the pleasure of attending, I might add.  I saw more colors walking through that forest then I've seen in my whole life. Especially at night when they had the forest lit with blacklights that was reflecting off glitter paper wrapped around the trees, it was truly amazing.  We had to walk through there to get to the 'secret' stage where Primus was playing. As we all filed out of the forest, he started playing "Here come the Bastards', which was a perfect pick for an opener.  It must have been an awesome sight from his point of view.

Unfortunately, since it was close to 100 during the day here and 50 at night, I was sporting a backless tanktop, a skirt and sandals from the daytime concerts.  All the stages are bunched together throughout the forest, and the tent was about a half a mile away from the stages.  Since we didn't have time to run back and grab a change of clothes, we didn't make it to the end of the show.  I couldn't take it anymore...I'm pretty sure my lips were blue and had I had lost feeling in all appendages at a certain point, so Ben and I, frozen, hiked back to the tent and put on some warm clothes and ventured out to the after hours parties happening throughout the grounds. They also had what was called an 'Interactive Monkey Sculpture' which kept us entertained until about 4 in the morning. They had bongo drums attached to the base of the sculpture, when you would hit them, that's when the strobe lights would go off that you see in the video.

I'm pretty sad that Rothbury is no more.  They keep promising a new festival but it's not going to happen. So I guess I feel privaledge that I got to attend the very first 2008 festival.

Well, I am going to start trying to figure out what to make for dinner. Good day all.

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Evil Twin's Wife said...

I hope you find a decent hairdresser soon! I've been seeing the same one for 20+ yrs. I've threatened her that if she moves, I'll have to relocate, too! LOL.