Monday, December 30, 2013

Quickie Review "Impress Press-on Manicure" by Broadway

Hey guys! Happy almost new year!

Firstly, I stupidly forgot to take a picture before I took these nails off last night, which is a fail on my part as a blogger so I apologize for this, but I have provided the website so you can check out their gallery:

I was at Walgreens a while back and saw the Impress nails. They are normally around $7, but were half off, so I decided to give them a try. Over the weekend, I attended a few parties, one being a college graduation party for my cousin and a Christmas party for my husbands side of the fam. I wanted some nice looking nails to bite off later, but I didn't feel like painting my nails. I painted a quick gold coat on them for Christmas last week, but I took it off prior to putting the nails on. I almost didn't even take it off. (I've been extra lazy with this lately...Seriously, before Christmas, it was like 2 months).

So, I stuck them on about 30 seconds before walking out the door, and they stuck immediately. It says to wait 30 minutes before coming in contact with water. This is really hard for me because I wash my hands constantly. The place where the graduation party was being thrown, was about 10 minutes away. As part of being an avid hand washer, I feel the need to wash my hands immediately after getting out of the car. I truly believe that your steering wheel is one of the most dirty things on the planet besides your toilet (think about it, all those gas pumps...eek!), but I've guys, I LITERALLY, throughout the night, washed my hands about 400 times. Possibly 402.

The following day, I did some serious after Christmas organizing and cleaning. Took the Christmas tree down, washed about a hundred dishes, opened boxes, did 3 loads of laundry, took out a ton of recycling and garbage...Even after all of this, the nails were still intact perfectly. I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to put them to the test, and it was. They are comfortable to wear and you don't even know you have them on after a bit. You can also file them down if need be (which I wouldn't suggest doing actually because this can cause some slight peeling at the top of the nail, but if you REALLY want too, you can, just be warned, they will not last as long). They are said to last up to a week, but, I took them off after a day and a half. I know they wouldn't have lasted as long because I chose to file them, which separates the polished sticker portion from the plastic nail.

That being said, these nails are the best! I am the biggest tomboy, so I have literally never gotten my nails done, ever, and now, thanks to these, I never will.

Love thy kitties,

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