Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Urban Decay Marisopa and Deluxe Shadow Box Palettes


If you are here because you randomly found me, here is the video where I talk about these palettes in my fall/winter favorites on my YouTube channel:

If you are here because you saw the video and you want to see the swatches (although I'm a terrible swatcher), here ya go!

(Sorry the last 3 colors were cut off, but they are Shag, Scratch and Underground)

Just like other UD palettes, these are just as good. Not quite sure what to do with Honey, but the rest of them are great. Sorry for the smudges on the palettes, I've been using them quite a bit! (Tip: Mix Peace and Graffiti together and it makes a beautiful turquoise shade!)
Love thy kitties,

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