Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Storms and Toy Story

I don't know about anyone else but I am loving this weather right now.  Over the weekend it was so hot and humid you'd break a sweat just walking outside. Now the humidity has lifted, and it's a beautiful 74 degrees and sunny, and the most I get to do is sit and watch it out the window.  This week has been completely dead.  The phone calls die at about 1 pm and we sit here and twiddle our fingers or asses for the remainder of the afternoon.  It's usually like this in between semesters though, it always picks up again and then our heads are spinning.

I believe I drank some sour milk this morning with my usual bowl of multi grain cheerios.  I smelled it first because I couldn't remember when I bought it...I vaguely remember grabbing it at Wal-fart but I couldn't remember when that was.  It smelled ok.  It smelled a little like plastic I guess, but it didn't smell sour...Anyway, I poured a generous portion of the supposed tainted milk into the bowl, scarfed my breakfast and on I went.  Before I even walked in the door my stomach started flipping.  I've been a known 'stomachacher' my whole life, just having a nervous stomach, so I occasionally will feel ill after eating breakfast.  I think it's just the sugar in most cereals that upsets it, and pancakes...OMG, PANCAKES, they are SO good, but they kill my stomach in the morning, so I ignored it and went to work.  A few hours later I started feeling nauseous, and felt like a storm was brewing in my undercarriages. Just really short and sharp (shart?), pains like a bolt of lightening was striking my intestinal track.  Whatever.  I feel like I'm in some kind of pain constantly.  My severe case of hypochondriacism is driving me c-r-a-z-y.  I'm convinced now I have OCD because I saw a show about it, and I'm pretty sure these sinus headaches are related to an inoperable tumor in my nasal passage.  If I knew any better, I'd have a nasal tumor, several different types of cancer, and whatever other things that my overactive brain can conjure up, all the same time. Siiiggggh...My boyfriend and my mom tell me I'm stupid, my dad, where I think I inherited this trait, would probably agree with me. Heh.

By the way, I never did give my review on Toy Story 3 which I saw recently.  I bought tickets online that morning because I was certain it was going to be sold out.  It was sunny and nice out all day, and an hour before I got off work, a really nasty storm started blowing in.  I am an avid weather reader, and I like to be prepared if such a storm does hit, so I was reading about this storm on when as if on cue, the sky was almost immediately black, the winds picked up to about 50 mph, and I was in the midst of begging my boss to let us leave early. Storms normally don't scare me, but when I am away from Ben, and my car is sitting outside in an approaching hail storm, I'm scared.  Plus, every room in our building has a window in it. Even a tiny bathroom in our kitchen has a tiny what the hell?  So I'm panicking, probably looking like an idiot, and getting visibly upset at this point, when what does my boss do, but starts JOKING with me...Basically calling me a liar, and probably thinking I'm just wanting to leave early because it's Friday, but I wasn't.  I was truly scared and I wanted to get home, get my SUV in the garage, and sit in the basement with Ben and Poster.  So he finally lets me leave around 4:20 and I raced outta here like I was on fire, and drove home. I managed to beat the pounding rain, but the wind was practically blowing me off the road.  Of course, as luck would have it, I get stuck behind an old fart out taking a drive in the country, going 30 in a 45, and I couldn't pass him because of all the dips in the road. I was so pissed.  This seems happen to me on the this road quite a bit.  It never fails.  Anyway, so I get home, the sirens start blaring and Rochelle (co-worker) calls me to tell me that our boss ultimately let everyone leave anyway because the power went out.  See? He never listens to me! I suddenly feel like I got punched in the gut when I realized that I'd bought my Toy Story tickets online that morning and they are nonrefundable.  The storm was heading towards the theatre the movie was at too, so we were a little perplexed on what to do. But, we made it. Luckily, the worst of the storm missed us and my $25 bucks wasn't wasted.

OK, NOW, the movie...It was awesome. Pixar never ceases to impress me. This was a GREAT ending to the classic Toy Story, and I highly suggest everyone go see it.

Oh and by the way, the movie didn't sell out, and it didn't even fill the theatre....sigh.

Well my stomach hurts, and I'm ready to get the hell out of this place.

I'm going to attempt a visit to the gym today, we'll see how that goes.

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